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Rise Of Coffee Trend In India: Its History, Popularity & Future

Tim Hortons, a Canadian brand serving coffee and doughnuts, recently announced its entry into the Indian market and that is exciting news for coffee lovers across India. The Indian coffee trend and demand for pretty cafes are rapidly spreading all over India. People can be found working and chilling in coffee shops in even tier-three cities of India. 

Rise Of Coffee In India: Brief History

In a country of tea producers & chai-lovers, the rise of coffee can be considered fascinating. However, coffee had existed in India since the 17th century, when the Baba Budani (infamous Indian Sufi saint) smuggled seven coffee beans out of the Yemini port of Mokka. He brought some mocha beans to India and planted those in his home in Karnataka. This eventually led to coffee plantations in the south and then all over India. Now, India is home to 16 unique indigenous coffee flavours. India is the world’s sixth-largest coffee producer. India is also the only country which grows the entirety of its coffee crops in the shade.

Hot coffee cups - Indian coffee trend.
Western Influence has also been one of the causes in the rise of the coffee trend in India

Cause Of The Rise In Coffee Consumption

There is no going around the fact that Millenials and Gen-Zs love coffee and cafes. The reasons for the rise in Indian coffee trend and cafe culture are diverse. There is a growing brand awareness amongst the Indian people and a demand for luxury and comfort. Cafes serve this need perfectly. Furthermore, the rising middle class, high level of disposable income and influence of western economies are other reasons for this trend. Conducive sitting spaces with wifi make it an alluring place.

There has also been a shift in the type of people visiting coffee shops. Earlier, Indian Coffee House was primarily famous amongst the students, academicians and intellectuals, who would often discuss and debate literature, cinema and sports. While cafes are still popular among youngsters, they look for more variety in the menu and a beautiful ambience. The cafes today focus on keeping a wide variety of coffee and exciting bites to accompany it. The decor and lights also make cafes insta-worthy, giving more reasons to people to visit and enjoy.

Indian Coffee Trend

Coffee consumption and coffee trend in the Indian market is now rapidly rising. Although India exports 70% of the coffee it produces, kickstarting the day without a cup of coffee is becoming difficult for more & more Indians. This change in the Indian coffee trend has seen the emergence of new coffee brands and chains of cafes all over the country. Cafes have emerged as a hub for youngsters to hang out with friends, work, or even enjoy quiet time reading. 

Popular Coffee Cafe Brands In India

India has seen a phenomenal rise in the number of cafe chains. The value of this market has grown to an estimated 25 billion Indian Rupees in 2018 and was estimated to consistently increase through the years, reaching about 125 billion Indian rupees in 2020.

1. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House was created by a small group of dismissed Indian Coffee members. In 1957, it was the first coffee shop to open in the country. It spread all over India with its presence in around 400 cities. Indian Coffee House made the Filter Coffee popular in north India.

2. Cafe Coffee Day

The Indian cafe coffee trend started with Cafe Coffee Day (or CCD) in 1996. Soon, CCD became a sensation amongst coffee lovers and young people. It has proved to be a game-changer in the Indian coffee trend, transforming the beverage experience into an accessible people’s drink. Over 165 cities in India have CCD outlets.

3. Starbucks & Barista

Starbucks was launched in India with a joint venture between Tata Consumer Products Limited and Starbucks Coffee Company. In 2013, it opened its first branch in Mumbai. By 2021, Starbucks was present in 18 Indian cities and had 221 stores.

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The Barista chain was launched in 2000. Currently, Barista has over 225 Barista Coffee Espresso Cafe and Barista Coffee Kiosks across India.

People hanging out and working in a cafe.
Due to this new coffee trend, there has been an increase in the number of chain coffee outlets in India

Future of the Indian Coffee Market

As per the report of NRAI, the organised Indian Cafe market was worth more than $8 million USD and this is expected to only grow further.

Indian coffee trends are evolving as youngsters are open to trying new flavours and varieties. As the youngsters are looking for a diverse range of coffees, the cafes need to expand their menus and bring world favours to their plates. Consumer demand for high-end brands and a comfortable lifestyle serve as the wonderful impetus for cafes and making cafes urban India’s “hangout zones”. In such a competitive market, brands will have to go above and beyond in developing their brand and creating an emotional connection with the customers, where their coffee becomes a happy habit and ritual.

A cafe workstation with laptop, coffee and food.

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