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Your guide to hire the perfect restaurant manager

Management abilities are a rare gift to find. One of the most important decisions a restaurant can make is choosing the perfect manager to hire.

A manager is a person responsible for controlling and administering tasks like billing, service, stock-keeping. They also manage the employees, the inventory, the finances and so on. Basically, a manager’s functions possess no limit and hence, choosing the right manager for your restaurant is of extreme importance.

Research states that 70% of employee engagement, that is, the attachment and engagement an employee displays toward the office, depends on the manager.

 Your manager’s attitude and work ethics may make or break your business. So make sure you manager has these following qualities:

1. Be transparent with your team and your customers

Being transparent with your team is very essential to ease the workload at the restaurant. Setting defined duties and expectations from your team will lead to less amounts of miscommunication and consequently lesser mishaps. 

In terms of being transparent with your customers, your customers may have a problem with spicy food or may have certain types of food allergies. Make it a point to Always be transparent with them. Some common allergies can be lactose or peanuts, so making sure that the food doesn’t have those ingredients is an extremely important task and cannot be overlooked.

2. Be hyper aware of the menu and train your team to do so

As far as your restaurant menu goes, there are several times when customers may ask peculiar questions or want to know the particular ingredient involved or the specific cooking style. If your server is unaware of such details then it appears to be unprofessional and imparts a bad impression of your restaurant. So, your manager should make sure that the team knows exactly what is on the menu and can answer any questions related to it.

3. Be on top of EVERYTHING

Being a manager means you’ll have to be Superman. You will have to make sure every section of the restaurant is working smoothly and also be up to date on the industry trends. The kitchen, the servers, the finances, the inventory, the upcoming trends, EVERYTHING. It sounds tedious but is absolutely necessary for an efficient functioning of your restaurant. 

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If you don’t know where to begin, here is something to get you started

4. Motivate & Appreciate your team

Your team members may have different ways by which they get motivated. Some people can work under pressure and can be motivated by tough love  while others may not be able to handle high pressure situations and would require positive reinforcements to motivate them. Be aware of how each and every member of your team works and in what ways you can help them the most.

5. Customer is always right! – is the rule to live by

Being a manager, you may get tons of complaints where it may not particularly be the fault of the restaurant. But as the manager, being the face of the restaurant, you will have to solve those issues politely and treat the situation like the customer is always right. Maintaining your calm & composure and solving the problem with ease will make the customer appreciate your response and management.

6. Innovate and experiment

There is so much you could innovate and experiment in your restaurant. Trying new ways like adding a special menu, changing your menu design, adding aesthetic elements to your decor, offering new dishes, etc,  and observing what works best for you will do wonders to your restaurant and will also excite the customers to find out what’s new.

7. Celebrate every small success

Celebrating every small success, like a milestone order number or any award received, with your team will make them feel accomplished and increase their motivation by ten-fold. It is also a great way to inculcate a happy company culture and makes the working environment feel hospitable.

8. Be more data driven

Rely on data for a lot of functions in your restaurant so that your life gets easier and your work becomes more streamlined and precise. Using customer data and feedback to manage the restaurant and evaluate your shortcomings is an efficient and a faster way to analyse and improve your overall functions.

We hope this helps you find the perfect recipe for the  manager best-suited to your restaurant!



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