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Why Your Restaurant Needs An Online Presence And How To Do It?

Having an Online Presence not only helps in boosting sales but also presents new opportunities for business to grow and reach more customers.In this 21st century where everything is digital, things are no different for Restaurant industry. Digital innovations are on peak and has penetrated its way in almost all sorts of industries.


In this era of Social media and Digitalisation, platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc have completely changed the way we interact and perceive the world. In fact, it has to a degree changed the way we operate and function too. For instance, instead of calling and asking our friends for restaurant or food reviews, we go and read online, see pictures, comment etc in seconds or minutes. Moreover, it also provides an easier access to information.

Millennials now prefer shopping everything online- from clothes, books, makeup, electronics, furniture, grocery to even food now. And this trend is exponentially increasing every year. Major driving factors behind this is convenience and time saved. Convenience is consumers top most priority in today’s times.Hence, anything that is convenient and available on few clicks or taps on their mobile screen, steals the show. Instead of getting dressed, driving to the restaurant, checking the menu, ordering food, waiting for it to be prepared, eating it, and then going back home, ordering online is like the restaurant is coming to you at your convenience and zero hassle.

Online presence of restaurants has changed the way people order and consume their food.

By creating an online presence for your restaurant, you will get discovered by more people, have a competitive edge over others, take more orders, increase your customer base, get consumer feedback, forge a deeper connection with consumers and much more.

Online platforms are totally redefining the way people eat!

Web presence of restaurants offers multiple online platforms for food ordering on cell phones


1. Creating Website for your Restaurant

This would help your customers know who you are and what you do and in some cases also take orders. It provides people with a glimpse of what to expect when they arrive through information and pictures uploaded on website.

Moreover, for people to find your restaurant on google, use relevant keywords on your website to get discovered more. You should very carefully optimise your website so that your potential customers can understand what you offer at a glance.

2. Building an online ordering system

Setting an online ordering system eliminates human errors, faster ordering compared to calling, more profit as you can take orders even when you are sleeping. Most importantly, customers should find ordering process effortless and easy to understand.

Online ordering system and its benefits

Some key add-ons can be offering real time menu that’s updated instantly in accordance to your central POS menu. If something’s sold out or a seasonal item is off the menu, then with one click, you can eliminate confusion. It also allows:

  • Automate communication between the dining room and kitchen.
  • Reduce the margin of error in orders.
  • Shorten wait times for clients.
  • Reduce tasks and staff fatigue.
  • Give clients greater liberty and convenience and an improved experience
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3. Using Social Media

There are now over 3.48 billion social media users and that number is always growing. Through active posts and engagement it allows you to keep in touch and build personal connections with your customer. Social media platforms are also a great way to establish transparency and gain popularity. Subsequently, social network also allows the restaurant owners to be a part of consumers’ lifestyle and constantly update them about their business in creative ways.

4. Asking for Consumer feedback

Keeping customers happy and satisfied with your place, food and service is of upmost importance. Restaurant nowadays have technology where they can get consumer feedback through various modes. It can be face-to face feedback at the restaurant, through social media, feedback forms on website, text messages or email links. A successful brand experience for a customer is built mainly on 2 pillars – happy customers & a satisfactory response to any negative feedback. Build your reputation with valuable reviews!

Now with Petpooja Feedback App and SMS combo, you can take feedback in no time. Petpooja’s Feedback Service allows you to take feedback from all your customers using either-

  • An app installed on a tablet for taking feedback of dine-in customers.
  • A SMS link sent to the customers, where they can give feedback at their leisure
  • A Scan-and-feedback feature for quicker accessibility
  • Petpooja Feedback Service

5. Adding your Restaurant to Google Maps

Google maps help users find and view your location.Adding your business to google map is very very essential. As almost everyone uses google to search and discover new places to visit. When customers search for place to order or dine-in, your restaurant’s info would pop up on their screens. It is a great tool for businesses looking to increase footfall to their physical location or to raise brand awareness.

Therefore, with increasing popularity and usage of social media platforms, it is important that you too use various channels for operating and marketing and not just focus on the traditional ones. In order to sustain in highly competitive restaurant industry, along with providing value to customers, it is equally essential to have an online presence. And then ultimately your food does the talking!

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