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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Restaurant Consultant?

Everything is going back to normal as we entered the year 2022 and people are no longer afraid of dining in restaurants instead of online orders. That’s right, it’s time for restaurants to shine and provide them with an experience they won’t forget. 

When it comes to restaurants, the options to differentiate yourself are fairly limited. Restaurant interior, menu, live entertainment or a photo booth perhaps can set you apart. And to help you with all that a restaurant consultant can come in very handy. The professional help of a restaurant consultant who is an expert in the field can help with new product launches, expansions, branding and reorganizations that can set you apart from your competition. 

Before getting straight to it, understand the types of restaurant and expertise required from the following:

  • Local Cafes/Restaurant: A POS Software and restaurant consultant
  • Niche menu restaurant: A restaurant consultant that has culinary expertise
  • Multiple-chain restaurants: A restaurant consultant that helps you organize, develop efficient processes and helps you plan a growth strategy

Now, Let’s Look At How A Restaurant Consultant Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Profitability and Efficiency:

1. Roles Of A Restaurant Consultant In Menu Engineering

Menu engineering is a process of studying the Food cost and sales data in order to determine the price on the Menu. The two most important factors in that study are 1) The Profitability of the menu item and 2) The Popularity of the menu item. 

The restaurant consultant will take a deeper analysis and observe which menu item is most ordered among dining customers and online orders. They will also understand the cost behind making those menu items. After understanding the analysis and categorising the food items based on their popularity and profitability the food consultant will redesign your menu where highly profitable menu items will be placed in such a way that they get ordered more. They will also make sure of the following:

  • Font & colours are in sync with the brand guidelines
  • Menu descriptions are exceptionally written
  • The size and template used in the menu are appropriate 
  • The paper quality used in making the menu is premium 
  • The design of the menu reflects the brand value and concept 

Menu designing is an integral part of marketing your restaurant as it is a tool that will attract more orders and repeat customers. This redesigned menu will also help you upsell your menu items without even trying. 

2. Roles Of A Restaurant Consultant In Smoothing Kitchen Operations

The restaurant consultant can study the existing process of kitchen operations and develop an efficient menu and recipe management. They can spot food and time wastage and can suggest you a plan of action.

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If your restaurant is a multiple outlet/branch business then automatic inventory management and recipe management are very important. Along with the restaurant consultant, good restaurant management software can help you achieve this goal even faster and more accurate.

You can automate recipes using a good POS software and once you enter the opening balance of particular raw material the software will automatically calculate the inventory left based on the bills issued. The restaurant consultant can help you set up this one time process in the best way and help you understand the analysis as well. This will not only save time, money and resources it will also be more accurate and will stop the wastage of your raw materials. 

Restaurant consultant and manager  have a talk | Benefits Of Hiring A Restaurant Consultant

3. Roles Of A Restaurant Consultant In Hiring And Training

There are several categories of human resources required at a restaurant. For example, a restaurant manager, waiters, cleaning staff, delivery agents, chefs, sous chefs, bartenders etc. Training multiple people for different job positions can be a task for the restaurant owner. This is where hiring a restaurant consultant comes in handy the restaurant consultant can train your staff according to their job profiles or can suggest you an HR solution company that can train your staff on behalf of you. 

Your staff members should be well trained as they represent your restaurant on the floor and are the biggest asset to your company. Therefore, their performance will affect your brand value and customer satisfaction.

4. Roles Of A Restaurant Consultant In Finances

Restaurant consultants usually work on a contractual basis. It is advisable that you list down all the areas of your concern and problems for which you need a solution from them. The restaurant consultant will charge you for every minute even if you’re not yet ready. Hence, make sure that the fees will be performance and need-based. 

The restaurant consultant will spot departments or areas in which you might be wasting or over prioritizing your money and suggest you a plan of action. They can point out flaws in the company finances and suggest adjustments to your payroll, cuisine, and menu depending on the restaurant’s operations. 

This will help the company improve and utilize its finances and cut down on unnecessary costs so that it can be divested into improving other things around the restaurant.  

should I hire a restaurant consultant for my restaurant in India?

It is very common to think that hiring a restaurant consultant is just going to be an additional cost. However, you will think otherwise when their expertise will help you cut down on unnecessary costs and improve the inefficient processes that will not only get you a good ROI on your investment but also will help your restaurant attain efficiency and profitability. 

Hope this helps you in making a decision for the betterment of your restaurant. Follow us on Instagram for more restaurant industry-related updates!

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