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Top 6 Tools To Build Your Restaurant Website

If you are a restaurant owner then you would already understand the importance of marketing your business through its website. But despite the awareness, the idea of building a restaurant website on your own can be a daunting task; especially if you are not much of a ‘techy’ person. The second best option is to hire someone to build your restaurant website. But for small scale restaurants or restaurants working on a tight budget, this could become a huge expense!

Don’t fret, because Petpooja is here to help you! This blog is to tell you that despite what it seems like, building your own restaurant website is pretty cheap and easy!

The first step is to have a clear idea of how you wish your website to look like. And the next and most important task is to select an appropriate website builder or what is known as Content Management System (CMS). It is a software that helps build a website and provides you with all the features you might need to make your website appealing to the customers.  

Here are 6 best tools to help you build the perfect restaurant website:

1. Wix

For anyone who is very new to the whole concept of website building, Wix is your playground. Many features of this website builder are free of cost. The owner has the freedom to choose from many themes, templates, fonts and image suggestions available on the software. As part of its service, the software even manages and records the website’s SEO data and helps businesses expand their online presence, integrate online orders and accept reservations.

Wix CMS website builder

2. WordPress

This is the world’s favourite website tool, quite literally! It is also the most preferred CRM software. The user gets access to thousands of different themes and fonts; though most of them are free, some might cost money. This CRM can be used for building websites but is mostly preferred for blogging. So, if blogging is on your to-do list then take out your camera, plate your best dish, click pictures and upload it on the website with a little something about the dish! The software provides the facility of purchasing your own domain at a feasible market rate.  

WordPress website builder CMS

3. GoDaddy

Godaddy is everyone’s go-to website builder despite whatever your business might be. One of the oldest CMSs in the business, the software is known for providing the domain at a cheaper price. With its huge collection of templates and themes, this website builder helps its users easily expand their business online and create the perfect brand frontage.

Godaddy wesbite builder

4. SquareSpace

Squarespace became famous for its modern, edgy themes and templates which allowed the artsy owners to explore and express themselves. Select from the most minimalist and neutral tones for your website or go all out and paint your website walls red; for real! Squarespace is there to provide you with all the drama you need to get your website to be exclusive and stand out.

use Squarespace to build your restaurant website

5. Weebly

One of the simplest of the website to create your own brand website. Weebly is ideal for anyone who wishes for a minimalist theme and modern features for their website. The website has its own in-build templates which are hard to change or modify. But if you are someone who can get confused and overwhelmed by the variety of options the above-listed CRMs provide, then this might be your go-to website builder!

Weebly for restaurant website

6. Petpooja

If you are looking for a website that will also allow you to take and manage your online orders, inventory, table booking, and bills, then Petpooja is there for you! Petpooja helps in building the website just as you want it to be. Along with creating your personal website, you can also use the online ordering widget provided by Petpooja and skip on paying hefty commissions to other online aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy.

Petpooja POS helps in building your restaurant website

Selecting the perfect website builder tool is the first step, but after it’s all about being your best creative self. With a clear mission and vision for your website and a few trials and errors, you will have your restaurant website up and running in no time! And if you wish to just kick back and relax, then let Petpooja handle everything for you!

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Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi is a Marketing and PR content writer at Petpooja. During her free time, Ishika is more likely to be found tucked in a quiet corner reading a book while her forgotten cup of coffee is growing cold next to her. Reach her at Ishika.tripathi@petpooja.com


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