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Can Online Advertising Help Boost My Restaurant Sales?

Successful restaurant marketing is not just about word-of-mouth marketing. There is such fierce competition, you must sell your business effectively, whether offline or through online advertisements. Yes! You heard it right. And when we talk about online advertising, we don’t mean huge banners, posters and hoardings. But we mean reaching your target audience using digital platforms without leaving your outlet.

To understand the difference, offline marketing includes the same old word-of-mouth, radio mentions, newspaper ads, event hosting, etc. Digital marketing, also called online marketing, entails establishing the restaurant’s brand presence on digital platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Swiggy, Zomato and Twitter, among others.

One of the easiest, but investment-heavy, strategies to rapidly boost sales and improve brand awareness for your restaurant is to run ads on Google, Instagram or Facebook. You have the option to target the desired audience through online advertisement, as well as to evaluate conversions and ad performance.

In this article, we provide a detailed guide on how to run online advertisements to scale your restaurant business. 

Why Is Online Advertisement Important?

Take a moment to consider how customers today discover restaurants or businesses. A search engine is used by most online clients to find a business, despite the fact that word-of-mouth and newspaper advertisements are excellent ways to contact customers offline.

Because of this, an online advertising campaign can be a very effective marketing strategy to run successful restaurants. Here are some reasons why Google ads or Facebook ads work:

1. Online Advertisement Allows You To Reach Your Niche Customer Base

Without spending money on a disproportionately large audience, online advertisement campaigns enable you to identify, connect with, and engage people who are likely to be interested in your restaurant. Online advertising provides detailed audience information so you may better target your efforts.

This implies that you can concentrate on customers who are nearby, in a certain city or state, nationally, or who are looking for a particular thing.

online advertisement benefits
Online advertisement unlocks the universe of digital for your business

2. You Can Monitor The Results

Here is where your marketing strategy really starts to change as a result of online advertisements. Consider purchasing an advertisement in your neighbourhood paper. You won’t be able to determine how many individuals really viewed your advertisement or which website visitors came as a result of seeing your advertisement.

However, with internet ads, you can track particular sales or other conversions back to specific clicks, knowing exactly how many people saw your ad and how many clicked on it.

3. Ease Of Accessibility

You have discretion and control over your advertising budget, as well as the timing and location of your ads when using online advertising. Additionally, if your plan changes, you can quickly and easily alter your ad spend, adjust when and where it appears, and respond to emerging trends and opportunities.

How Can You Boost Your Sales Through Online Advertisement? 

There are numerous things you may do while you create an online advertising strategy for your business. Online advertisement for restaurants is more complicated than it first appears and depends on a variety of tactics that you must properly use. Here are some restaurant advertising tactics you shouldn’t overlook: 

1. Run Facebook Ads 

India has the most Facebook users worldwide, and the majority of individuals look at social ratings before selecting a restaurant to eat at. And so, Facebook is one profitable area of marketing for your restaurant! It enables you to provide material that informs your audience about future occasions, deals, or discounts.

Any restaurant advertisement that you run on Facebook would have a defined objective. In order to achieve that objective you would first need to have clarity on the following avenues: 

  • What is the goal of your business? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What is your daily budget for a Facebook Ad? 
  • What images or videos would you want to showcase in the online advertisement? 
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A clear perspective and understanding of the above-mentioned points will help you tap into Facebook’s wide audience pool. 

What are the successful restaurants online advertisement?
Choose from multiple campaign formats which suit your marketing objective

2. Google Ads Are The Way To Go 

77% of customers, google restaurants before making a choice to visit them! Because restaurants are one of the most searched-for industries, it’s critical that your website appears on Google searches because your restaurant’s internet presence would benefit from running Google Ads for the restaurant.

You can use a variety of Google services, including Google Ads, Google My Business, and organic searches, to advertise your restaurant business.

You can run sponsored restaurant advertisements on Google or partner websites using the Google Ads network. You have the option to select the budget and the keywords you want to use to display your adverts. 

There is a pay-per-click (PPC) module for Google AdWords. Only when someone clicks on your ad will you be charged. This form of online advertisement is slightly heavy on your pocket but provides lucrative results. You can choose from the following campaigns to run Google Ads for your restaurant business: 

  • Search Campaign: Online advertisements displayed on Google and its partner sites. Search campaigns use keywords to rank your ad
  • Display Campaign: As a result of the ability to include images with your online advertisement, a display campaign is often referred to as a picture ad. Display advertisements don’t employ keywords because users can’t search for them, in contrast to search ads.
  • Universal App Campaign: You can choose the universal app campaign if your restaurant has an app that you want to advertise and encourage consumers to download. It advertises your software on partner websites, YouTube, the Google Play Store, and Google Search Console.

3. Work On Instagram Ads

Instagram is a massively popular platform and the ideal marketing tool for any restaurant business. People claim that the visual appeal of a restaurant and the food photographs affect their choice. You must, therefore, give careful consideration to creating online advertisements on Instagram.

You understand as a restaurant owner how crucial it is to draw in guests, and Instagram makes it possible. It enables you to present your best self and engage with the consumer in the most genuine manner.

Just like Google, there are various formats of online advertisement for you to choose from:

  • Photo Ads
  • Story Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads

4. Make The Most Of YouTube Ads

Yes, you can run YouTube ads. Running an online advertisement on YouTube is a great method to connect with your audience. You may make YouTube advertisements on your own without hiring a professional videographer. 

You can publish brief clips describing your restaurant’s regular business operations. Posting footage of events that have taken place at your restaurant will enable anyone who is interested in planning an event there to gain some information.

YouTube Ads provide a great reach to your business

Here are the online advertisement formats offered by YouTube: 

  • In-Stream Ads: The in-stream video advertisements are those that play prior to, during, or following a YouTube video or other display network
  • Discovery Ads: They are also called in-display advertisements. These online advertisements appear either in the YouTube search results or next to relevant YouTube videos
  • Bumper Ads: The video commercial lasts for six seconds. They use CPM bidding, which means that you pay every time your advertisement is displayed 1,000 times
  • Display Ads: These advertisements can be seen above the list of suggested videos and to the right of the featured video/clip
  • Sponsored Cards: Sponsored cards show material that may be pertinent to your video, like items mentioned in the video. 

Online advertisement is the need of the hour. It has enhanced the accessibility of a business and enabled owners to think on a global scale. The right strategy for online advertisement holds the power to serve you the world on a silver platter.

We hope that this blog helped you understand online advertising for your business. For much such content, follow us on Instagram!

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