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List Of All Kitchen Equipment Required For Starting A Cloud Kitchen In India

Cloud kitchens or Ghost Kitchen are going to be a $2 billion industry in India by 2024, up from $400 million in 2019 according to a report by RedSeer Management Consulting. Given the restaurant industry trend, an increasing number of successful restaurateurs have made the decision to switch to a cloud kitchen. The low overhead cost, simplified technology, less kitchen equipment and positive cost-benefit analysis have given them a reason to switch or expand into the cloud kitchen business. 

Are you also planning to open a Cloud Kitchen soon?
Well, before we get into the required kitchen equipment let’s first understand what a cloud kitchen is exactly.

What is a Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchens a.k.a ghost kitchens are basically a delivery-only restaurant business model. They don’t offer an option of dine-in and they cater to their customers solely through online delivery. Cloud Kitchens infrastructure basically includes a kitchen set-up and tie-up with various food delivery applications.

With growing food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato, cloud kitchens are going to be a next-gen thing. But among the rising competition and chaos, it’s important to keep your kitchen preparation and processes efficient. 

Let’s See The List Of All The Kitchen Equipment That Your Cloud Kitchen May Require In India: 

1. Oven

Depending on the menu and volume of orders you can choose a standard or convection oven. You can also install a combination of standard and convection just in case you require it in future. It might be a little more expensive than getting a standard or convection oven but it will save space in your kitchen as 2 units will be combined and also give you the opportunity to scale the volume of your order. 

2. Cooking range

There are mainly two types of cooking ranges: 

  1. Gas range:

The gas range is the most type of cooking range used in India. It is super-efficient and takes lesser time to heat the pan and cook the food. However, you run a risk of a gas leak or fire hazard. It is also harder to clean this kind of cooking range.

  1. Electric range:

The electric range enables greater energy efficiency and is easier to clean than the gas range. However, this cooking range takes a much longer time to cook food and a certain type of cooking is just impossible using the electric range. In that case, a gas range is required. 

3. Exhaust hood

Depending on the kind of menu items you produce you can choose an exhaust hood. If you require a lot of smoke and grease in cooking chores such as frying, broiling, or grilling you should go for an exhaust hood with fire prevention. If not, you can go with a standard exhaust hood for just baking or steaming, which produces only heat and moisture. 

exhaust hood a important kitchen equipment for your cloud kitchen in India- Petpooja

4. Counters

Depending on the size of your operation and future goals make sure you create sufficient counter space. Stainless steel counters are more reliable and safe than any other material. Make sure counters are kept separate for the cooking process and preparing process so that there’s no crowd gathering in one place making the process inefficient. 

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5. Sinks

Installation of sinks is very crucial to ensure safety and efficiency in the food preparation process. You can install one or multiple sinks in separate areas depending on the size of your cloud kitchen. Make sure the lack of sinks or the placement of the sinks in the kitchen doesn’t hamper the efficiency of the process and staff.

6. Commercial freezers

Doesn’t matter if you have a dine-in or a cloud kitchen there is always raw materials that need to be carefully stored to avoid being spoilt or damaged. Therefore, commercial fridges and freezers are a must-have. Their temperature can go higher than a normal refrigerator or freezer which is important and make sure you invest in the fridge that matches your capacity levels. 

commercial fridge/freezer kitchen equipment for your cloud kitchen in India

7. Cutting surfaces

Use proper surfaces for slicing, chopping and cutting your raw materials. Avoid cutting your raw materials directly on the countertops as that could lead to scratches and compromises the durability of the countertops. You can invest in either plastic or wooden cutting surfaces depending on your choice. 

8. Safety and hygiene kitchen equipments

You need to invest in safety and hygiene equipment like a hairnet, gloves, fire extinguishers, rubber floor mats, first aid box, security camera and more to make sure your cloud kitchen meets all the set rules and regulations and is a safe place for people to work at. 

9. Shelves

Installation of shelves for storage of raw materials and other reasons is also very important for your cloud kitchen business. Installing mobile shelving units so that you can move those shelves whenever necessary. You can invest in the shelves depending on your business needs. 

list of important kitchen equipment in cloud kitchen

10. Mixers

Commercial mixers can ease your food preparation process. There are multiple kinds of mixers available in the market such as hand mixers, countertop mixers and floor mixers. You can choose any mixer depending on your business requirements. 

11. Fryer

If your menu items require a lot of frying make sure to invest in a commercial fryer. This will help you to save a lot of time and effort in preparing the food. You can buy multiple fryers depending on your cloud kitchen requirements. 

12. Ventilation

Ventilation in your cloud kitchen is the most crucial investment that you should be made on priority. Generally, cloud kitchens have a very limited space given that there’s no dine-in area. All that baking, grilling, frying of food and use of heavy commercial equipment can cause a lot of heat and smoke in your kitchen. A proper ventilation system can help you manage the airflow and control the temperature in your cloud kitchen. While investing in a ventilation system make sure they are not noisy, has a good airflow rate and is sufficient for your cloud kitchen size. 

ventilation solutions for cloud kitchens in india in 2022- Peptooja

While opening a cloud kitchen in India, you may also invest in basic necessities like a POS system, Kitchen Display System and wifi connection for smooth running of operations and managing orders. If you are someone who is new to the restaurant industry and wondering if you need a POS system for your cloud kitchen here’s your guide- Do I Need A Restaurant POS System For My Cloud Kitchen?

Hope this helps you in understanding the kitchen equipments required for your cloud kitchen business. 

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