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How To Nail The Table Setting At Your Restaurant?

Importance Of Formal Table Setting In A Restaurant

Table setting can affect the mood and aesthetics of your restaurant. The food will more or less be the same in many restaurants. But the quality of service and atmosphere can be differentiated. 

The way you set your table is important because it influences four things:

  • It makes your restaurant’s atmosphere more enjoyable and calming 
  • It indicates the tone/feeling that people have about being together
  • It lets people know that you think they are important enough to put in extra effort for them
  • It influences the appearance of the food served

Let’s Look At All The Things You Will Be Requiring For The Restaurant Table

  • Plates
    • Dinner plate
    • Salad plate
    • Appetizer plate
    • Bread plate
    • Saucers
    • Dessert plate
  • Water glasses
  • Kid’s cups 
  • Glasses
    • Wine glass
    • Beer glass
    • Cocktail glass
  • Napkins 
  • Tablecloth 
  • Forks
    • Normal fork
    • Dessert fork
  • Spoons
    • Table Spoon
    • Serving Spoon
    • Fruit Spoon
    • Tea Spoon or Coffee Spoon
    • Dessert Spoon
    • Long Drink Spoons
    • Salad Spoon
  • Knives
    • Butter knife
    • Normal knife
    • Steak knife
  • Placemats
  • Condiments 
  • Menus / QR codes
How to set table at restaurant in the best way possible

How To Set A Basic Restaurant Table In The Best Way? 

No matter what type of dine-in restaurant you own the first few steps are the same.

  • Lay a placemat designed for your restaurant
  • Put the dinner plate in the middle
  • Put the knife on the right side closest to the plate and then the spoon
  • Put the napkin on the left side of the plate
  • Put the fork on top of that
  • Place the cup above the napkin on the upper right-hand corner of the plate
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How To Set A Formal Restaurant Table In The Best Way? 

  • Always make sure the table cloth is of good material, stain-free and ironed properly
  • Put the serving plate in the middle of the place setting
  • If there is a bread plate, put it on the top left of the serving dish. Put the butter knife blade down on top of it and with the handle to the right
  • On the left of the serving plate put the silverware then the salad fork and the dinner fork
  • On the right of the serving plate, place the dinner knife, salad knife, soup spoon, and teaspoon
  • Put the dessert spoon right above the serving plate horizontally and with the handle facing right
  • Place the glass of water above the dinner knife
  • If there’s wine being served, put the white wine glass under and to the right of the water glass and the red wine glass above and to the right of the white wine glass
  • Put a cup and saucer over and to the right of the soup spoon

Basic table setting in restaurants

formal table setting in restaurants

Casual table setting in restaurants

Along with the perfect table setting try to implement the following: 

  • Experiment with dim lights
  • Use soft background music
  • Decorate with flowers, paintings, quotes and other attractive centrepieces
  • Try tucking a flower in each napkin, place a potted plant or figurine on a placemat and use candles

Hope this helps you in setting your restaurant table in the best way possible. You can also hire a professional restaurant consultant to help you out in restaurant interior, menu designing, kitchen operations and much more.

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