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How To Make Your Cafe or Restaurant Technology Savvy?

Do you know who is behind the Rs.75,000 crores worth Indian restaurant industry which is growing at an annual rate of 7%? 

We no longer take orders on a notepad, pass the orders to the chef via printed tickets, count inventory, and do finances manually. The restaurant industry is growing and has undergone a complete transformation all thanks to 21st-century Restaurant Technology.

Consumer behavior has changed significantly over the past decade as well. Their preferences of where they eat, what they eat, and how they eat have changed. They have a busy schedule like all of us, therefore, they no longer want to wait in a long queue to be served, people are now open to trying newer cuisines, they want the ease of delivery, take out as well as dine-in, and they want menu alteration to suit their dietary restrictions as well.

Being Tech savvy is not just important to stay relevant in the industry but also to provide a memorable experience to your customers. You need to adopt a few basic technologies in your restaurant. If you are a new entry in the restaurant industry here’s your heads-up! and if you’re already an existing player make sure to adopt the below technologies.

Basic Technologies That Will Make Your Cafe-Restaurant Operations Easy And Tech Savvy

1. Point Of Sale Software

A POS system is so much more than just leveraging the technology it’s a great investment for your cafe or restaurant. It is software that gives you a holistic picture of your restaurant business and helps you manage your operations with ease.

cafe or restaurant pos

This restaurant management system can help you in table management, billing, inventory, online orders, sales, HR management, and so many other functions. Best restaurant POS software is designed to simplify restaurant operations and reduce manual labor. Adopting any further technologies will not be possible without a POS system.

You can also have a touchscreen POS terminal that has a double-sided screen to ensure faster order placing process. Customers can also see their billing total, tax, and other details of the order. Customers can quickly pay for their bill and it also increases the accuracy of the order.

2. Kitchen Display System

A cafe-restaurant kitchen can be a battlefield sometimes.

The kitchen not only deals with dine-in orders but also online orders. Working on a piece of paper for pending orders is simply not feasible nowadays. Therefore, you need systematic technology like Kitchen Display System (KDS).

The kitchen display system is a great restaurant management software that helps you manage your orders efficiently even on your busiest restaurant day. It is 100% environment friendly as it is completely digital. You don’t have to save those printed orders to reconcile at the end of the day.

You can easily organize your orders based on priority, type of order, etc on the display easily for better time management. In the long run, your kitchen staff can become more efficient and will be able to serve a lot more orders in time with accuracy.

restaurant kitchen display system

KDS receives orders in real-time through restaurant POS. As the staff member punches the customer order it directly gets updated on the KDS where the chef can view the orders. It also eliminates inaccuracy while passing on the order to the kitchen. Staff can easily see the pending orders and token numbers on the display system.

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3. Order & Pay At Table

Who in this world doesn’t need a safer, faster, and efficient process of dine-in in a restaurant?

It’s estimated that contact-less payments will triple from $2 trillion to $6 trillion worldwide by 2024, and for 34% of customers having such options are reportedly extremely important.

Post Covid-19, this experience has become more important than ever. The way order and pay at the table actually works is that a QR code is installed at every table of your restaurant and customers can come in, scan that QR code which will take them to the menu. They can view and decide their order at their own pace. Once they add their order to the list they can go to the billing page and make the payment. That sit! Simple, Peaceful, and Efficient.

restaurant scan and order menu

As a restaurant owner, you don’t have to engage your staff in the order-taking process. Your customers don’t have to wait for your staff to come to them or wait in any line to place their order. Accuracy of the process increases and you can easily manage your restaurant even in a full rush.

4. Inventory Management Software

Inventory management can be chaotic and extremely time-consuming. Traditionally, restaurant staff use to maintain their inventory manually on pieces of paper which cannot be sustainable.

With a good POS system, you can manage your inventory within a few clicks. You should look for a POS that at least provides you:

  • Central Kitchen Module
  • Raw Material Management
  • Multi-Stage Recipe
  • Live Food-Cost Report
  • Minimum Stock Alerts
  • Purchase Order Management

With these features, your staff won’t skip doing inventory. You will save a lot of time and can take decisions without spending much time.

restaurant inventory management software

Petpooja POS not only provides you all these features but it also comes with a Free android application for inventory. Now your staff can do inventory without having admin rights to your cafe-restaurant management system. They don’t even have to carry their heavy devices in their hands just a simple smartphone and all your data will be auto-synced.

5. Captain App

The process of taking orders manually is hectic and unsustainable therefore, investing in a Captain App can be very helpful.

A Captain App basically allows your staff:

  • To take customer orders
  • Complete payments right at the table
  • Supports multiple payment modes
  • Offer smart food recommendations using AI
  • Works without internet

    Now, your staff doesn’t have to make multiple visits to the customer’s table anymore. Saves time and manages your tables swiftly.
captain ordering app

Hope this helps you with your cafe-restaurant operations!
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