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Delivery VS Dine-in: What Should Your Restaurant Business Focus On? 

All of us primarily have two kinds of mood, one when you just don’t want to leave your home, curl with some warm food and watch Netflix on your own bed and another one when you want to get all dressed up, call your buddies and experience some really appetizing food with great ambience. So the big question that arises from this is what should you as a restaurant business owner should focus on? Should you invest in ambience, waiting staff, infrastructure or invest in technology, website development, marketing and third party listings?  

Did you know that pre-covid, consumers requested delivery 63% of the time, but that percentage has surged to an astounding 88%

Own a restaurant business? Let’s see what should you focus on Delivery or Dine-in?

1. Trends In Restaurant Industry

With the global pandemic hitting our lives, staying in and ordering food has become a go-to option for most of us. Ready-to-eat food delivery has emerged as a significant market, thanks to the introduction of appealing, user-friendly apps and tech-enabled driver networks, as well as shifting customer expectations around the globe. All you need is your phone to order whatever craving is holding you hostage.

Restaurants worldwide have also shifted their focus from Dine-in to more on delivery and drive-thru. And ghost kitchens or cloud kitchens have gained a lot of popularity because of this shift of trend in the restaurant industry.

2. Menu Adaptation

As a restaurant owner with a delivery restaurant business, you also need to be focused on Menu adaptation. Restaurants are now eager to learn which menu items will taste just as well in-house as delivery orders that arrive 45 minutes later

If you are a dine-in business you might not need to worry about it as the food will be served on the spot. But, with menu adaptation you can unlock thousands of online orders and increase your restaurant menu without much cost.

3. Scalability

Although online deliveries are quick, comfortable and fun, getting online food delivery every single day is not a viable routine option for most of us. When used on a regular basis, it might become an expensive service.

You would rather prefer to dine-in in the next door cafe or restaurant. You will not have to pre-plan or order before time or bare expensive packaging or delivery charges of the same. While surfing through the internet to order online there is a lot of competition faced as well hence a constant menu updation and introduction of newer menu items are needed.

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The concept of “Food subscriptions” can also be another solution for your everyday online ordering need. But these subscriptions are generally not customizable and requires a weekly or monthly subscription.

4. Marketing your restaurant business

In a world controlled by smartphones, restaurants need to increase their online presence. It doesn’t matter if you run a delivery or dine-in business model you need to invest in creating awareness and marketing your restaurant business. Where they get an opportunity to create brand loyalty and acquire a position by creating and targeting new demographics.

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Final Verdict

Restaurants business owners must be aware of their customers’ demands and alter their offerings accordingly, such as lowering menu prices, offering incentives, or allowing customers to order and pay online.

They must always look for innovative ways to improve our service, billing, payment collection, inventory process, menu, and overall experience. Investing in good restaurant management software can go a long way in achieving those goals. 

Social distancing and other restrictions have made restaurant table and bar seating capacity lesser and lesser which has restricted the number of customers who can be accommodated in the restaurant at any given moment.

The only thing that can attract customers back to restaurants is relaxing, comfortable and happening ambience. As the weather cools down people look for outside dining, restaurants are converting grassy areas and alleys into dining pavilions which can influence customers to choose dine-in rather than eat at home.

Currently, in 2022, two years after the pandemic with multiple lockdowns and curfews, quarantine and sickness, restaurant businesses are finally able to go back to usual. The restaurants should know how to balance dining and delivery in a manner they are able to cover their costs. To handle huge amounts of delivery orders and not compromise the dining experience, restaurants would most certainly need to implement new processes and systems. To be able to achieve this flexibility lookout for advanced technology, changing restaurant business trends and keep an eye on your restaurant data.

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