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Creative Restaurant Poster Design Tips To Attract More Customers

“Posters can increase knowledge, change attitudes and alter behaviours.”

We live in an era where every other restaurant has its own social media page, website or any kind of online presence. Restaurateurs are fighting for their target audience to pay attention and loyalty to their restaurant only.

In a world, where loyalty can be changed within a few seconds by unfollowing a page and following the other one, you don’t want to just rely on online presence and digital media.

That’s when a restaurant poster can play an important role in making sure you are never out of sight of your customer’s mind. 

Let’s Have A Look At All The Creative Restaurant Advertisement Posters You Can Create For Your Business To Attract Customers

1. Simple And Creative

Keep the design simple and creative. Avoid cluttering the poster space by using multiple pictures. Avoid using more than 3 different fonts. Make sure there is enough breathing white space in the poster. Avoid typos or spelling mistakes. Avoid using jargon and discriminatory or derogatory phrases in the poster. Make sure the vibe of your poster goes along with the ambience and brand of your restaurant

Go bold with the colours. Keep the copy short, fun and inspiring. Use words like Limited Offer, One-time deal, 1+1 offers, 50% discount on Wednesdays etc in your creative restaurant poster to attract the eyeballs of your customers.

how to make creative restaurant poster to increase footfall

2. Important Business Information

Make sure that your restaurant poster has all the important information about your restaurant like:

  • The name of your restaurant
  • Exact location and area
  • A valid phone number
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Website
  • Details about current offers
  • Glimpse of menu
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If you are marketing any kind of event or theme or festival at your restaurant you can mention more details about that as well. 

3. Always Come Bearing Offers

Just imagine, you’re walking down the streets after shopping in the mall with your friends on a sunny day and you crave some milkshake and fries. Your plan was to go to McDonald’s but instead, you see a well-designed poster of a restaurant with a catchy phrase that has milkshakes, fries, sandwiches and pizza on the poster along with a 20% discount on the bill.
Where would you go now?

If I were you, I would go knocking down that restaurant and have a great meal for myself. That’s the power of providing offers on your restaurant poster. 

Always provide offers based on what would be valuable to your target customers. 

best example of creative restaurant poster for marketing my restaurant

4. Choose The Right Location

No matter how much effort like creative designing, catchy slogans, or expensive rentals you put your restaurant poster in it’s not gonna pay off until it’s in the right place. 

For example, you shouldn’t put up your kids-friendly fine dining restaurant poster in university/college going areas. Your target audience isn’t available there. Instead, put your restaurant poster in a corporate/residential area where families or working professionals with high income care about their go-to restaurant being kids-friendly. 

Busy streets of mall areas, shopping areas, street food areas, cinema areas are always a good choice for beginners. It has a good footfall ratio and your poster can catch a lot of attention. But make sure those streets are something your target audience visits frequently.

Hope these tips will help you in designing the perfect restaurant poster for advertising your restaurant business. Also, inculcate a practice of carefully analyzing your POS data to understand your target audience and design and place your restaurant posters accordingly. 

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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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