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Complete Guide To Pick The Best Restaurant Billing Software

The growth of any type of business is highly dependent on the technology it uses. The same applies to the restaurant business. The traditional ways of only focusing on managing customers, bills, staff and inventory, can drag any restaurant to the bottom. To adapt to the current times, it has become essential for every restaurant owner to have a Restaurant Billing Software to manage the business. A restaurant billing software or PoS, also known as Point of Sales software, can help in automating your restaurant.

Today, thanks to advanced technology, the billing software provides much more than just the regular billing and payment features. A smart PoS software is designed to accommodate all of customer, owner and staff’s needs in one place. But there are many aspects one needs to consider before buying software. And so, this blog is

Your Complete Guide To Pick The Perfect Restaurant Billing Software:

1. All-in-one billing screen

While at the counter, the biller has to manage a lot of things. The smart PoS must have all necessary features that allow the biller to do functions like generating multiple KOTs, splitting the bill or cancelling orders, tracking online delivery, accepting table reservations or even offering special discounts to the customers. The PoS should have features like printing brand logo, QR codes for payment, customer/ biller info and order details, etc. which helps the restaurant brand itself through its bill. But while all these features are a must in PoS, the software must be simple to operate for the front of the house staff.

The PoS should have a feature that allows multi-terminal billing. This is an essential feature for franchises or restaurants with multiple ordering counters. An extension of PoS which he/she can operate on their own devices. This would help them in managing tables, orders and customers from their ends.

There are many types of operating systems in the market and basis their requirement, a restaurant chooses one. While picking a PoS, it should be made sure that it is compatible with all types of operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

2. Taxes and Discounts

There is a lot that goes on in the restaurant market. There are always new technological updates, changes in taxation policies, covid-19 regulations and restrictions. It can be hard and confusing for restauranteurs and staff to keep up with all these updates. This role can be handled well by a smart PoS. A good restaurant billing PoS should have features to assist owners in updating and regulating tax brackets as per the current market policies. Not just that, but vary the tax margins as per their own choice or restaurant setup.

Alongside the taxes, the PoS should help staff and owners decide the discount range, create or deactivate special discounts or even offer customizable bill formats. These finance aspects of the businesses when handled effectively, takes a lot of burden off the employees and owner, and increase the profit margins.

3. Data management and Reports

Imagine running a huge restaurant that has heavy footfall, multiple online and dine-in orders, huge raw material inventory, and many third-party aggregators to manage the demand. Understanding reports and analytics of such a restaurant manually can be a nightmare for the owner and staff. And so, the PoS should be equipped to provide well analysed and detailed reports about every single sale, profit, customer and staff.

These reports assist the owner in managing expenses, understanding day-end sales, employee worksheets, what is good and wrong with their business. Be it weekly assessment, monthly or yearly, the POS should have availability of the data whenever and wherever needed. While the Petpooja POS does all of it and more, it also allows the owner to not just view but also download the data files on his/her own device for convenience.

4. Employee Management

If you own multiple outlets then managing the staff can be a hectic task too. Owners can have a lot on their plate, and a good restaurant billing software must assist the owner in managing the billing record of all your staff. The software must provide the staffs’ in-service time, day-end sales, the customers they assisted and the bills they settled.

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With Petpooja POS, the owner has control over the level of access to be given to the staff. From the captain’s task of printing KOTs to biller giving special discounts or cancelling orders; all of it is under the owner’s control! While working with the POS, the owner gets to define roles and rights for the staff and from his/her end, monitor them. This takes off the stress of employee theft and fraud from the owner’s mind.

employee management using restaurant pos

5. Kitchen Order Tickets and Display

Till now we have talked about the staff working outside the kitchen, but what about the staff working inside. The chefs and the waiters. The whole responsibility of what to cook and how to cook falls on them. And during hectic hours, managing multiple orders can be a nightmare. This is why every restaurant billing software must have the feature of printing and managing Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs). These tickets have the customer order, table number and all or any specific request or upgradation requested by the customer. This way, it becomes easy for the kitchen staff to know which dish needs to be less spicy and which one needs to be sent after the main course.

To further digitalise the KOT system, Petpooja POS provides an additional service of installing Kitchen Display devices that show the order details on a screen installed in the kitchen, rather than chefs piling up a stack of printed KOTs.

6. Managing Online Orders

Due to the pandemic, the restaurant industry saw some really dark days. But at the same time, the businesses also saw the rise in online ordering through Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and others. With a smart PoS, just by simply uploading the restaurant menu online for once, the biller and owner can choose which items to display online and when. To assist restaurants in situations like such, it is essential that the software has features to integrate third-party aggregators and manage online orders. Along with that, the software should assist in accepting online payments, delivering and tracking the order. The online feature should also assist in understanding and analysing the customer demands and order patterns for business-related decisions.

simplify your restaurant billing with Petpooja restaurant billing software

7. Online Payment Integrations

This is an essential feature for every restaurant billing PoS. With so many modes of digital payment available in the market now. If the businesses are not integrated to use them, then they are losing customers. These payment integrations also become a way of offering various other discounts and plans to attract more customers. Whether it is Debit/credit card payment, UPI, Digital wallet, or any other digital payment mode, your restaurant billing software must be equipped to assist the biller with any mode he encounters.

Online payment integration with restaurant billing software

A restaurant can increase its potential to make profits and attract customers if supported by the perfect Restaurant Billing Software. There are many things that can be done to improve a restaurant’s overall performance and output. And Petpooja makes sure that such opportunities are never missed. With over 150+ integrations, a simple interface and various value-added services, the Petpooja POS is the one-stop solution for 30,000+ restaurants in 140+ cities across India, UAE and South Africa.

So, what’s stopping you? Take a free demo of Petpooja POS today!

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