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Cloud Kitchen POS Features To Look Out For Your Business

Cloud kitchens are the most cost-effective business model for the restaurant industry in India. For the cloud kitchen business, the main areas of investment are the kitchen and the technology that they use. 

Using a reliable cloud kitchen POS is a must for your business. But how do you choose the best restaurant POS for your cloud kitchen? 

Let’s see, all the important cloud kitchen POS features you should look out for

All-in-one Dashboard To Manage Multiple Cloud Kitchen Orders

The success of your cloud kitchen depends upon its brand presence and the order volume they receive. For a cloud kitchen business, it is very important to be listed on all the online platforms that are available in the area. 

Registering on Swiggy, Zomato and other food delivery platforms is a great start. However, some cloud kitchen can also have their own website orders and multiple cloud kitchen brands that they need to manage.

Therefore, buy a POS system that supports multiple order channels on a single dashboard so that you can manage all your orders from different cloud kitchen brands and online food delivery platforms on a single dashboard without switching multiple tabs back and fro and avoid any goof-ups.

Smart Inventory System Equipped For Cloud Kitchens

Inventory management in the cloud kitchen and overall food business is tricky because of the low shelf life and required freshness of the raw materials, weather changes and storage issues. Most restaurants shut down because of their out-of-control food costs. Therefore, investing in a good cloud kitchen POS software that also offers a smart inventory system is a must. 

A smart inventory system makes managing inventory easier because it can estimate and predict stock levels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can set expiration, and low stock alerts as per your requirements so that you can minimize wastage and re-stock on time for a smooth process. 

Also, look out for advanced features of the recipe management tool. After standardising the recipes and setting your stock balance, your inventory will be immediately deducted in real-time based on your sales. This automation can be a game changer for your business

The real-time reporting feature will also help you optimize your inventory, avoid under/over stocking and control the food costs that will eventually help you in increasing the profitability of your cloud kitchen business. 

Smart inventory for restaurants opreations

Online Order Reconciliation System

Given that the online food ordering industry is on the rise and cloud kitchens mostly receive online orders, the need of reconciling data has become a real concern and priority

After a busy weekend, managers and owners often struggle to reconcile their food aggregator data with their actual sales. Additionally, they are unaware of the real cost of operating on aggregators. This process is tedious, time-consuming and many times, full of errors. 

The effective commission rates of these internet aggregators are substantially more than the actual commission declared on the contract by aggregators due to large discounts, abrupt cancellations, TCS and other penalties. Moreover, there can be differences in payout reports as well.

Therefore, you should invest in software that offers you a complete picture of your orders, commissions, discounts, cancellations, and any pending order payouts so that you know your data and progress well to make informed decisions on your cloud kitchen operations. 

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Reliable Suppliers For Kitchen Requirements

A restaurant food supplier’s primary job is to provide supplies to restaurant owners at a lower purchase price so they can boost their profit margins.

The factors that determine whether the supplier is worth it or not are price, delivery and payment terms, minimum order requirements, and product quality. 

Every cloud kitchen business in India should have a robust supply chain management that helps them in running a cost-effective and smooth operation. Unreliable and unverified suppliers can increase your food costs without even realising it. 

Hence, while buying a POS system for your cloud kitchen business, look for a company that also gives you access to a platform that enables you to purchase kitchen or restaurant supplies from leading certified suppliers at the most competitive prices

You can also get access to special offers and negotiate terms with these suppliers. Moreover, this platform can also help you know what are the products/services available in the market, what are the price trends, which locations can deliver to you, etc.

Not only will you save money by doing this, but it will also save your time and help you build an organized process.

reliable suppliers for restaurants

Central Kitchen For Integrated Cloud Kitchen Operations

It is crucial to always have enough stock in the kitchen when you are receiving orders through multiple channels across brands.

An effective restaurant management system can assist you in centrally managing your cloud kitchen inventory across all brands so you never have to run out of required equipment or raw material.

You can schedule your central kitchen drop-offs of all the materials needed for a day to all your kitchen outlets in various areas in the morning. With this system, you can not only manage stock transfer from one kitchen to another but also request raw materials and manage the delivery route, ensuring that your vehicle drops off the correct materials at the correct kitchen outlet.

This entire process is super cost-effective and will involve incredibly little human interaction, saving your company money and time on labour costs.

Additionally, while buying a cloud kitchen POS you can also look out for…

Proper Token Management System

Your cloud kitchen business operations can be chaotic with food preparations, packaging, and taking orders all happening at once in a small space. 

In between all this, you also need to manage delivery agents that are waiting to pick up orders for delivery. To manage all this efficiently you need reliable POS software along with a token management system.

With token management system, a screen is installed outside your registered business where delivery agents can see the progress of their orders in real-time without entering the premises or having to question the staff or manager about its ETA. 

This will help your cloud kitchen staff members to concentrate on their assigned roles without having to deal with delivery agents.

restaurant profits technology cloud kitchen pos

Petpooja POS is India’s leading restaurant management software with 35000+ clients in over 140+ cities that provides all the above-mentioned services in their cloud kitchen POS that will help you manage & grow your cloud kitchen business in India. 

Let your staff member create magic and concentrate on customer satisfaction while Petpooja handles your everyday management hassles.

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