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Cafe vs Restaurant: What’s the difference?

Our hectic and fast-paced lives have made eating out less of a choice and more of a necessity nowadays. All of us must have visited many cafes or restaurants from time to time but do we actually know the difference between them?

Yes, cafes provide coffee and restaurant provides food you say? but with that logic all cafes are restaurants and all restaurants are cafe.
Don’t worry, before any more mind boggling let’s see the actual difference.

What is a Cafe?

Just like all of us, cafes and restaurants also have their origin stories.

The word Cafe originates from a Turkish word called “kahve” which means coffee. Therefore the menu of a cafe predominantly includes coffee and types of coffees.

Difference between Cafe restaurant - Cafe

Coffee was a big thing in the ottoman empire. City of Constantinople, the capital city of the ottoman empire actually opened the first cafe in the year 1550. It served coffee to intellects. They would meet, discuss, played board games over a cup of coffee.

In modern times, Cafe is something which mainly serves coffee and other kind of beverages along side of light food or snacks. It basically serves things that can end in a quick/short time of span.

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In recent times, cafes are a go to place for freelancers, students working on their projects, catch up with friends, dates, quick bites and etc.

What is a Restaurant?

The word restaurant comes from a French word called “restaurer” refers to as restore. A place were food and drinks are served.

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Difference between Cafe restaurant - Restaurant

Restaurants can be a place that provides a wholesome experience of fine dining. It is a place that offers variety of food consumed as a meal and drinks are a complimentary addition to the menu.

Some restaurants specialize on a particular dish or cuisine as well, whereas coffee houses don’t have such distinctions.

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Difference of Ambiance between Cafe & Restaurants

Cafes focused on providing beverages and quick bites may not require a huge place with heavy furniture but can focus on creative, out of the box interior.

While, restaurants as they provide a wholesome dining experience can attract huge flocks such as families, group of friends, corporate dining, etc. To accompany them investment on getting a bigger place with comfortable furniture is necessary.

Cafes can also focus on getting wall art, games or live events to make sure their audience is entertained while restaurants can focus on comfortable seating, bigger and cleaner washrooms, and post meal services.

So basically, cafes and restaurants both can provide food and beverages but cafes are beverages focused with serving quick bites with a quiet intimate ambiance while restaurants are focused heavily on the complete platter of food, beverages, desserts along with a pleasing ambiance, guarantee you a wholesome experience.

So, let us know type of restaurant you generally prefer, cafe or restaurant?

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