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Healthy-fi Your Cafe Menu To Attract More Customers

If you are a cafe owner, you might already know about the current customer trend of switching toward healthier food choices. To get on this trend & attract new customers, the owners have updated their cafe menus & adding new, healthy food alternatives.

Following the footsteps of renowned brands like Starbucks, Barista & others, even local cafes have started serving vegan milk substitutes & plant-based menu options. Taking into consideration the expense of acquiring & managing these ingredients, small-scale cafes have not been able to expand in this avenue. But despite that, people’s drive towards experimenting has pushed businesses into creating innovative & healthy cafe menu ideas.

But if you too are looking for a way to hop on this profitable trend & increase the sales of your cafe business, then read this blog to know more!

Cause Of The Rise In This Trend

According to a new survey by Habbit, in 2021 to improve their physical and mental health Indians have switched to prioritising eating well. The study says that more than 70% of participants stated they would prioritise dietary changes over going to a gym or a fitness centre in order to improve their overall health and immunity and reduce stress. 

The report also says that “100% of the survey respondents accurately identified which are healthy foods versus junk foods”. This shows a very high level of awareness regarding the negative impacts of unhealthy options that are high in fats or sugars. 

71% of respondents acknowledged that they believe their health is in worse shape than it was. One of the largest obstacles to being healthy, according to them, is a lack of time, while 66% say that the taste of nutritious foods is their biggest hindrance. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on everyone’s eating habits. People are realising the importance of physical and mental wellness in their lives and are motivated to make a healthy change in their lifestyle for the same. Hence, this is the time for all cafe owners to start adding healthy, tasty, and economical food choices to their cafe menus to get the best out of this change. 

Incorporate heathy options in your cafe menu

Tips To Create A Healthy Cafe Menu In 2022

1. Add Vegan Options

Cafe menus can be made more vegan or plant-based if they want to keep up with current trends since more and more consumers are choosing vegan menu items. It has become easier to acquire gluten-free baked items, vegan milk items, or even serve salads to make your cafe one-stop for all your customers’ cravings! This will satisfy two demands that consumers have today: sustainability and a healthy diet.

2. Healthy Snacking Options

Snacks typically give off the idea that they are unhealthy and loaded with sugar, salt and oil. But if all the ingredients are used with balance & experimented well with other healthy options like vegetable-loaded peanut salads, and delicious soy cutlets, etc, your cafe menu will become more interesting, light, and stomach-fulfilling.

3. Add Superfoods To Your Cafe Menu

Indian superfoods include things like millets, ragi, jowar, bajra, barley, jackfruit, etc. These ingredients & food items made using them have been a significant part of the Indian people’s diet. In fact, the entire idea of a healthy diet is to switch back to these organic options rather than processed ones.

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Introducing healthy vegetable oats, fruit salads, & lightly sauteed vegetable salads in your cafe menu will help provide diversity & attract more customers.

Use fruits, nuts & berries to create a healthy cafe menu

4. Add Berries, Fruits & Nuts

Incorporate immunity-boosting foods and components like berries, cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, and seeds, as well as spices like turmeric and ginger, to offer a different type of restaurant menu to your customers.

Ginger ales, healthy mocktails, nuts, frozen fruits & berries with oats, etc. are one of the many breakfast options that can be offered on the cafe menu. Since these options are available for a limited time, the cost of buying & managing the ingredients reduces.

5. Include Healthy Beverages

Beverages are a must-have food item in any type of meal, right? People will always have something liquid to gulp down the food they are eating, even if it is only water. Replace beverages full of alcohol, sugar, and soda with healthy, natural, and delicious drinks & smoothies to capitalise on the growing trend of creating a healthy cafe menu. 

Healthy menu can be created using inexpensive ingredients too. All you need is the knowledge to use & present them.

6. Use Organic Ingredients

The trend of eating entirely organic meals is gaining a lot of traction around the world as a result of the rising use of artificial food colours and flavours in dishes nowadays. Despite being more expensive, people prefer consuming food created with organic components over foods with artificial or harmful flavours. A game-changing healthy menu option for your restaurant’s business might be organic meals.

It’s okay if you feel adding a whole new section of healthy cuisine to your cafe’s menu is not something you can afford to do to get more customers. To learn more about what else you can do to increase footfall at your restaurant in 2022, check out this blog.

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