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6 Best Restaurant Magazines For Every Restaurant Owner

If you are in the Restaurant business, you know that things evolve every other day.

There is a constant change in food trends, technology, interiors, equipment, and whatnot!

It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with it, and this is where restaurant magazines come in handy. But not to worry we at Petpooja believe in the need to stay updated with all the restaurant trends around the world.

So, here we go!

Top 6 Restaurant Magazines Every Restaurateur Must Read For Industry Trends 

1. Food Service And Hospitality Magazine 

This restaurant magazine has been an assistant for people who are indecisive about their ventures. With an authority to recommend people in the Food & Beverage Business, this magazine has been successful at engaging food service and hospitality decision-makers. 

That’s the reason this restaurant magazine has the highest readership and is an authoritative voice of Canada’s food service and hospitality sector.

restaurant magazines in india
Food Service And Hospitality Magazine

2. Diner Journal

If you are in the restaurant business, you know how important a theme is. People come to a restaurant not just for good food but to have a great experience. Diner Journal is your go-to restaurant magazine to decide and learn about new themes.

Brooklyn restaurateur, Andrew Tarlow issues Diner Journal, a quarterly which will give you ideas about the Do’s and Don’ts in the Restaurant business. This magazine is about exploring all aspects of artisanal food movements, articles, art, and recipes all in Brooklyn style.

food magazines for restaurant owner
Diner Journal

3. Food And Beverage Magazine

As a restaurateur, you have to keep yourself updated with all the news and trends in the food service sector. Food And Beverage Magazine will help you do exactly that.

Also, they make sure to keep the beverages section updated which gives you a great chance to update your cocktails and mocktails. The “Chef Of The Month” section in this restaurant magazine will help you know all the chefs you should follow for new lip-smacking recipes.

magazine on restaurant industry
Food And Beverage Magazine

4. Saveur

Saveur magazine will help you pull off the bold move of introducing authenticity effortlessly. The restaurant magazine will provide you with solutions to all your questions regarding recipe collections, food, drink, travel, and style.

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For all food lovers who want to learn about authentic, regional cooking, from all over the world, this is your Bible.

magazines for your restaurant business

5. Restaurant Business

When we talk about the food service industry, Restaurant Business magazine will help you know how to create a miracle in the kitchen. This magazine focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth that will help you make better decisions for your restaurant business.

It will help you retrieve all the information that you need while setting up the idea of a dream food spot. It is one of the best restaurant magazines one can invest in as it helps a restaurateur with capitalizing on food trends, new purchasing strategies, new concepts, change in consumer tastes, and best practices.

Restaurant  Business

6. The Caterer

A restaurant magazine that believes in building a better business, better food service, and better careers is called The Caterer. With a pan-industry focus, this magazine has helped many restaurateurs build profit as it gives in-depth insights into hotels, restaurants, food services, pubs, and bars.

This market-leading magazine provides a platform to suppliers where they can showcase their unique innovations in products and services.

Finally, if these magazines are not available in your country or region you can stay updated through our blog page and stay updated with all the restaurant trends and updates. 

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