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7 Mistakes Restaurants Should Avoid For Better Online Food Delivery

Running a restaurant can be an overwhelming experience. There are a million different things to look after on a daily basis. In such a scenario, it is possible that you accidentally miss out on certain things and make mistakes that may hurt your customers and hit your sales negatively. And one such area where restaurants usually slip and make mistakes are their online food delivery section. 

The online food delivery market in India has skyrocketed. The Indian food delivery market was worth 2.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. It is expected to reach nearly 13 billion by 2025. One reason for this tremendous growth was the global pandemic when more and more people discovered the comfort of online ordering. As an increasing number of people order food online, restaurants need to be careful with how they operate their delivery services. 

As customer orders from the comfort of their homes increase, know what mistakes restaurants generally make in online food delivery.
Online food delivery service has occupied a significant chunk of the restaurant industry. People now prefer conveniently eating delicious meals in the comfort of their homes instead of stepping out.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Online Food Delivery

Restaurants face multiple challenges with online food delivery like heavy competition, logistical issues, and figuring out costs. In such a challenging environment, ensure you aren’t making any mistakes. Read ahead to know seven common mistakes restaurants can avoid in their food delivery services.

1. Unable To Pick Profitable Delivery Model

Restaurants can handle their online food deliveries either by creating their own delivery fleet or with the help of food delivery partners like Zomato and Swiggy. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of one model and copying your competition, choose for yourself.

It is for sure that these platforms do charge heavy commissions. But if you wish to expand your own ground presence like La Pino’z or Domino, then it is better to get your own fleet. The idea is to maximize the delivery & reduce the time taken while increasing profit.

Pufff… that is overwhelming!
Solution: Contemplate and decide on a model that works for you. Read our blog, In-House Restaurant Delivery v/s Food Aggregators: Which Is Better? to help you decide!

2. Not Having A Special Delivery Menu

Given the ingredients, state and quality of certain food items, it is not a good idea to add them to your delivery menu. If you serve hot beverages on your menu and it arrives cold and spilt at a customer’s house, it could eventually spoil your brand in the customer’s eye. 

Solution: Make a separate delivery menu for food takeout, which consists of easy-to-deliver food items which can be adequately packed.

Another important aspect that restaurant businesses often miss, is to upload & activate their online menu! This way they are missing customers who are looking for their delicious chocolate mud cake or mouthwatering garlic naan! So always remember to switch on your online menu & all the items that you are wishing to sell on your third-party platforms!

3. Not Creating A User-Friendly Platform

Customers generally are in a hurry when they order food online, lacking the time and patience to figure out a platform. The most crucial aspect of any online food delivery platform is that they have a user-friendly interface. If your app or website doesn’t offer them that ease to order, they will be quick to leave & maybe never come back. 

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Solution: Your website/app should be accessible through all mediums (mobile, desktop), with a clean and concise design. Ensure the “order” button is easy to access and there are multiple payment options with a secure gateway. You can also go further with data-driven customer recommendations and live chat options.

A delivery agent delivering food ordered online. Click to know what possible mistakes restaurants make in online food delivery.
Let customers know exactly how long it is going to take to reach the food at their doorstep and be quick with the delivery!

4. Not Focusing On Food Packaging

Your takeout packaging speaks volumes about your brand to a customer sitting far off. A complex, messy or sloppy packaging could be a significant turn-off for the customers. Moreover, your packaging also offers you an opportunity to promote your brand. 

Solution: Invest in your packaging! Create sustainable, clean and convenient packaging for your restaurant that highlights your brand values.

5. Not Updating Your Customers

Customers dislike it when their food delivery takes a long time, even more, when they don’t know exactly how much time it will take. A late food delivery also colours their opinion about your food.

Solution: Provide appropriate ETA with live delivery status to your customers at all times. To give an accurate picture, consider the time it takes to reach the delivery address from your restaurant, plus the time to prepare their order. Best to also add extra 3-5 minutes for unexpected delays.

6. Not Taking Customer Response

One major concern customers face with online food delivery is the lack of responsive customer service. Customers turn to you for anything from delivery delays to dissatisfaction with the food queries about payments and refunds to hear them and address them. The delivery apps often make it difficult for customers to share their grievances, adding to their frustration. Your customer service is also one of the most crucial elements of ensuring a customer turnaround rate. 

Solution: Give them options of live chat, email, and call to register their query and redress it immediately. Use polite and professional language, and offer compensatory food items and refunds to satisfy the customers.

7. Overlooking Inventory Availability

What if a customer places an order for a dish, and you have run out of the required ingredients? It can be disappointing for customers to get a message later that their preferred dish is unavailable.

Solution: You must constantly monitor and update the menu based on available supplies. A good Point of sales software can easily toggle any food dish On or Off, depending on the availability of raw materials or per your requirement.

How to take care of packaging in my online food delivery?
A restaurant needs to ensure there is no spillage in the food you packed and it remains in good condition when it reaches the customer. Ideally, the food should be as good to eat as if it were served in a restaurant. 

Take advantage of the growing online food delivery industry by correcting these mistakes and implementing these solutions! 

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