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Manage Your Business From Anywhere Using Restaurant Management App

Running a restaurant is a hectic job. There are many things which need to be managed. As an owner, you also need to keep assessing your business growth and make important decisions before you run out of time. If the restaurant has multiple outlets, then this task is too difficult. To provide ease to restaurant owners, new technologies and methodologies are being developed. One of the best ones so far has been the PoS system. The entry of restaurant billing software has led to the automation of all the functions of restaurant management which were previously done manually in a pen-and-paper manner.

A step ahead of the billing software is the restaurant management apps. These apps were developed to meet the need of the owners who cannot manage or overlook their businesses around the clock. The tech advancement in all sectors aided this drive; Today there is an app for everything! And so, the need for a restaurant management app was easily fulfilled.

What Is A Restaurant Management App?

The restaurant management app provides the owner with the liberty to be absent from his business, without truly ever leaving it. The restaurant management app shows the real-time data of the restaurant. This gives the owner control over his/her business. Be it sales, cancelled orders, customer reviews and even staff work charts and much more can be simply checked anytime, anywhere. The best example of this is the Petpooja Merchant Application. Let the Petpooja PoS manage your restaurant, while you can relax and monitor your business from anywhere!

The Merchant Application is a blessing to the restaurant owners who have to commute for their business. There are many clients and customers to meet, important restaurant industry conventions and seminars to attend; All for the growth of the restaurant business! And while the owner is away from the business, it is possible that he/ she would not be able to provide needed guidance to the business. The restaurant management app bridges this gap and lets the owners run their business on the tips of their fingers, literally!

Benefits of The Restaurant Management App

You can simply enjoy your time away from the business by using the restaurant management app. Here is how:

1. Monitor Sales

The Petpooja Merchant App lets the owner monitor restaurant sales from anywhere at any time. While you can monitor the sale in real-time, the app also creates a detailed report of day-end sales. This way, the owner does not need to repeatedly check on the sales every hour but can check and assess the day-end sales, analyse if there is any shift in the sales for a particular day and get to the root of it.

Apart from seeing the real-time sales report, the owner can also check the sales report from the past 3 months. The owner can also extract the data in an excel format for later detailed analysis. Not just dine-in sales, the owner can also view the online orders and their sales on the application. It becomes easier for the owner to manage online orders as he/she has control over the menu availability.

2. Monitor Inventory

Inventory assessment is very important for any restaurant business. What has been purchased when; what is the per item rate of consumption; how much of it is wastage and negative consumption, etc can all be managed and monitored using the restaurant management app. The inventory turnover ratio, i.e. the ratio showing the usage of inventory, can be easily estimated using the app’s detailed reports. At business, the PoS records inventory consumptions and the app keeps the owner updated about it! Along with that, the owner can also make necessary stock purchases, check on purchase orders, and set limits on the amount of consumption and wastage, all with the help of the application.

3. Monitor the Customer Data

Even when the owner is away from the business, his/ her role to serve the customers does not stop. The customers would keep coming to the restaurant and giving feedback on the quality of service. And while away from the business, it is the owner’s responsibility to attend to all feedback and provide a personalised experience to all the customers. The Petpooja Merchant App provides the owner with the liberty to check the CRM reports, feedback and even initiate new campaigns to attract more customers.

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The Petpooja Merchant App lets the owner create and assess new customer campaigns. It also provides detailed reports of all the customers and sales. This feature is essential as it helps the owner to map out the loyal customers and provide them better offers and discounts.

Petpooja Logo | Petpooja merchant app helps manage restaurant business.

4. Monitor Staff

Staff management is one thing which becomes the biggest concern in case the owner is away from the business. There are high chances of careless work, substandard customer service and even theft. In such cases, the merchant app comes provides a solution. With the help of the app, the owner can create staff ids secured with a specific password. And so, all the staff hours would be category and area-vised work clocked in. In case of theft, the owner can easily track the assigned employee and resolve the matter.

Even keeping the track of the delivery boys is simpler with the merchant app. The owner can know the delivery pick-up time and delivery time. If there is any discrepancy from the expected standard time, then he/ she can easily know that.

In case the owner is busy and is not able to manage the restaurant even from the application, the owner can provide rights to the biller and the captain. This way, they can manage the business but with limited or authorised liberty.

5. Monitor Business Accounts

Whether the owner is at the business or away, it is an around-the-clock job to look after the business accounts. Even more so, when the owner cannot be physically present at the business. For this, the merchant app provides detailed reports on every single activity, payment, sales, expenses and also customers, for the owner’s convenience. The app also provides detailed reports on business profits, discounts given, any money borrowed by staff or other business partners and much more, on the app.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a rise in digital payment. A larger chunk of online food order payments is done digitally. Which payments have been done and which are pending; what is the day-end profit earned through different modes of payment, all of it can be known through the application. Even the invoices pending from the owner’s end can be managed with the application.

Restaurant management app helps analyze business growth.

Petpooja Merchant App is one of many great features of Petpooja. The whole purpose of restaurant management apps is to ease business management for the owners and provide them with headspace to plan the growth of the business.

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