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How To Maintain Your Restaurant Equipment To Make It Last Longer?

Restaurant equipment will be your most important and expensive investment. The equipment that your chefs and kitchen staff use for preparing delicious dishes will play a huge role in determining the quality and taste of the food. 

Since the restaurant equipment is pricey, as a restaurant owner, you cannot afford to be careless in its upkeep and maintenance. You need to frequently and regularly (and in some cases, daily) take care of the tools you use.

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How To Maintain Your Restaurant Equipment?

1. Simple Refrigerators and Walk-ins

Your refrigerators store items that you use daily. You are aware that your refrigerators are important for the daily operations of your kitchen.

The only thing left to do is to take steps to properly maintain your commercial refrigerator. By doing this, you can ensure the uninterrupted use of your refrigerator for many years. All equipment comes with a manual and a guide on how to clean them. Simply follow it and you are all set!

The biggest advantage of your walk-ins is the reachability. You will have access to each and every nook and corner of the walk-in and will be able to thoroughly clean it day in and day out.

The basic things to remember are turning off the interior lights of your walk-in coolers and freezers to save energy and keep your unit from overworking the compressor. Also, remember to not overfill your walk-in and always keep the aisles clear. 

how do you clean commercial restaurant equipment?
Regular cleaning of restaurant equipment like refrigerators increases their shelf life by quite a margin.

2. Fryers and Ovens

Fryers, in major kitchens, are the most used restaurant equipment. Hence, they need to be maintained and cleaned daily. This is recommended by all manufacturers and cleaning contractors. Fryers must be inspected regularly and their upkeep should not be compromised. Moreover, fryers must be handled by professional staff only and untrained staff should avoid touching them. Fryers are greasy and oily and hence restaurant owners should invest in special cleaning tools to ensure they are washed and cleaned properly.

Ovens, on the other hand, require little in the way of maintenance but benefit greatly from a regular cleaning schedule. Make sure to use approved cleaners for the interior and exterior of the oven and follow your manual’s cleaning instructions.

Many ovens include an automatic cleaning feature that alerts you when it’s time for a cleaning cycle. Follow that alert religiously and you will not face any problems with the oven.

3. Vent & Ducts and Grease Filters

The vent, hood, and duct must be cleaned by a qualified contractor at least once every six months. This is necessary to remove grease generated from the vapour rising from the structure. Even between visits, the kitchen staff and restaurant cleaning staff should scrub it once every few days.

Grease sticks to the grease filters from the vapours travelling to the duct. While grease filters are extremely helpful in cleaning the duct, yet, even they have to be cleaned regularly or may prove to be a serious fire hazard.

The frequency of the filter cleaning depends on the amount of greasy food prepared in your kitchen and should be treated accordingly.

There are various other pieces of equipment that are used daily in the kitchen which need to be taken care of routinely, if not daily.

  • Clean your flat table tops including the plating area as well as the cooking burners by wiping them before shutting the restaurant.
  • Clean the burner stoves and their coils without damaging the tools
  • Your knives need to be washed and wiped with a clean cloth so as to retain their sharpness
  • If you’re a baker, your whisk, oven, baking pans and sheets are your key components to baking. Maintain them by washing them after every use and not letting the dust settle on them or letting them rust.

Why Do You Need To Maintain Your Restaurant Equipment?

1. Long Lasting Equipment

It’s common knowledge that for anything to last long, you need to take care of it by getting it properly serviced and giving it constant aftercare. The same stands true for your restaurant equipment.

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You cannot keep changing the equipment of your restaurant often. Hence, it is better when you maintain your equipment regularly. Due to regular aftercare, you will be able to notice damages immediately and get them fixed before the need for serious and costly repairs arise.

2. Better Depreciation Value

Your restaurant equipment will turn old. The new technology will outdate the older ones and to keep up with the market, you will need to buy newer technology and equipment.

For this reason, take the smart decision of maintaining restaurant equipment because that will directly impact its sale value. When you sell your restaurant equipment, if it is in top functioning condition, then it will be snapped up for a good value. Newer, low-budget restaurant owners are always on the hunt for second-hand restaurant equipment to install in their kitchens and you will be able to get a good price in the deal.

3. Hygienic and Reduces Hazard Risks

Hygiene is the top priority in a restaurant. That does not mean only washing the utensils or cleaning tables properly. Your restaurant equipment needs equal attention while washing and cleaning.

Unclean restaurant equipment will have a straight impact on the food that will be prepared in the kitchen and served to the customers. Therefore, it is imperative that you wash and clean the equipment and maintain the highest sanitary and hygienic levels. In case you missed it, FSSAI has also laid down health codes which define regular clean-up and maintenance of the restaurant equipment.

Choked-up chimneys, dusty vents and greasy ducts are some of the main causes of fire accidents in a restaurant. Avoid and minimize all such and other types of hazards by upkeeping equipment hygiene.

what are the 5 methods of cleaning restaurant equipment?

4. More Economical

Why spend on expensive repairs and unnecessary part replacements when you can avoid them easily?

It makes more economic sense to maintain your restaurant by conducting regular check-ups so as to do damage control and fix minor faults and damages promptly. In this way, you can solve the problems at the base and save a lot of money on bigger repairs. 

Another advantage is that unmaintained or messy and dirty equipment are less sustainable and will consume more energy resulting in higher electric bills.

5. Better Food Quality

As mentioned above, your equipment plays a significant role in deciding the taste and quality of the food. Moreover, clean equipment can also give you an edge over other restaurants.

Hiring the best chefs and using the best ingredients won’t matter if your equipment is unclean. They deteriorate the quality of food and it has major health impacts in both the short and long run.

Maintaining your restaurant equipment is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways you can operate your restaurant. Your chef as well as the staff will have a much better time cooking and preparing food for your customers if what they are operating with is clean and well-maintained.

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