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How To Write Great Restaurant Menu Descriptions To Make Your Customers Order More?

Some of you may think menu designing is a cakewalk and writing good restaurant menu descriptions means just mentioning the details about the dish and ingredients, right? Well, absolutely not. 

Menu designing is an art, its science, its psychology.. in short, its very important. An integral part of menu designing is writing exceptionally good restaurant menu descriptions. It not only represents the menu item but also entices the customer to order more from your menu. 

Upselling becomes extremely easy if your menu items have a good description, it leaves an aesthetically pleasing impression on your customer’s minds and also helps them decide on their order faster. 

Now Let Us See How You Can Nail Those Restaurant Menu Descriptions 

1. Emphasize the texture, taste and appearance of the menu item

When you write that menu description your focus should be on triggering the customer’s emotions their feelings. And how can you do that? By talking about the textures, taste and appearance of the dish or the ingredients. The name of the menu item should be short and self-explanatory that can be understood in one glance. However, the description of the menu item can take up a few words to explain the smell, texture, cooking method, origin story etc of the item.

  • Meat can be smoky, spicy, well-done, tender, juicy, lean, or aged.
  • Vegetables can range between fresh, earthy, and zesty.
  • Sauces are sweet, sour, bitter, tangy, rich, or fruity.

perfect example of writing restaurant menu description

2. Glorify the fine quality of your ingredients 

Make sure to glorify and speak highly of all the ingredients that are used in order to prepare the menu item. An expensive or exclusive ingredient automatically reflects the premium quality of the dish and leaves a luxurious impression on the customer’s mind.

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“A luxury black truffle with grated buttered tagliatelle served along with
trifola d’Alba Madonna”

3. Show the meticulous efforts taken to prepare the dish

When you talk about the cooking method or efforts needed to prepare the dish it makes it special and also helps in justifying the prices. Especially in fine-dining where it’s all about the efforts and customer experience. 

“Slow-cooked for eight hours, this intensely flavoured and juicy lamb shank, infused with fresh rosemary and sage, is a house speciality. ”

4. Give the dish an origin story 

By mentioning the ethnicity of the menu item or by talking about the geographic area of some of the ingredients you can not only add an origin story to your menu item but also create a brand value in the minds of your customers. 

 “Andhra Style Spicy Chicken Biryani made with long grain basmati rice
and served with raita.”

best examples of restaurant menu descriptions in India in 2022

5. Keep it short, give it a twirl

Don’t get carried away while writing your restaurant menu description. Long stories and very informative descriptions can come out as boring. Using big fancy foreign words can also sound mumbo-jumbo and can confuse your customers. Keep it short, easy to read that triggers your customer’s feelings. 

“Finest imported soft cheese gently melting over toasted bread with sauteed mushrooms and Italian white truffle oil.” 

Here are a few examples of words that you can use to make your menu more appealing: 

  • Slow-roasted, Seasonal, Time-tested, Unbeatable
  • Melt-in-your-mouth, Organic, Pan-seared, Quintessential
  • Vibrant, Tangy, Yummy, Zesty
  • Caramelized, Wood-oven roasted, Crispy, Buttered
  • Succulent, Velvety, Home-made, Infused
  • Leafy, Tender, Creamy, Elegant
  • Aromatic, Delicate, Drizzled, Encrusted
  • Juicy, Kneaded, Local, Meticulously

A menu description leaves a fine impression of your menu item that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Carefully craft your menu design and help your restaurant business grow.

Hope this helps you in writing exceptional restaurant menu descriptions. 
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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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