Important GST Update For Restaurants

As per the latest update shared by Swiggy, there has been a change in the GST compliance for restaurants. Under Sec. 9(5) of the...
Advance ways of ordering at restaurant petpooja

New Ways Of Taking Customers Orders At Restaurant

Gone are those days where we had to stand in a long queues or hold on till the waiter comes to us so that...

The Psychology Of Restaurant Menu Design

When it comes to things like packages, placement, and menus, restaurant marketing and customer psychology work hand in hand. Menus are your restaurant's silent...

Menu Engineering- Secret to a Profitable Restaurant Menu

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How To Get GST Registration For Your Restaurant?

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How To Get Liquor & Eating Out License For Your Restaurant

Are you planning to introduce bar menu in your restaurant? Or Are you planning to expand your restaurant sitting in an open space? If yes, then...

Indian Restaurants are all set to introduce Vegan Menu! Are you?

FSSAI Food Safety and Standards for Vegan Food, Amendment Regulations 2021 FSSAI has issued its first ever draft for Vegan Food Safety and...
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How To Get Fire and Health-Trade License For Your Restaurant

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Petpooja Introduces Green Receipt For Restaurants

We often hear people around us talking aboutsaving the environment and being eco-friendly.Most of the customers coming to your restaurant also feel the same...
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What is National Restaurant Authority of India (NRAI) ?

If you are in the restaurant business or thinking about entering it, chances are that you might have heard a lot about NRAI. But your...