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How To Create A Bestselling Food Delivery Menu for Your Restaurant?

With the entry of many food delivery aggregators into the market due to the rise in online ordering, restaurants have to be extra careful with all the requirements involved in takeaway food. Like the packaging has to be proper and attractive. In fact, restaurants have seen delivery packaging as a way of branding & marketing their businesses. Keeping in mind the rise of the online delivery food market, the packaging and the restaurant menu must be updated. Creating a separate delivery restaurant menu is a good idea to ensure smooth delivery and higher sales.

Importance Of A Separate Delivery Menu For Your Restaurant

According to GLG, India’s food delivery market, valued at $5 billion, is expected to reach about $21 billion by 2026. As the online delivery trends are rising, it is recommended that restaurants create a unique takeaway menu to carve out a space for themselves in this area. It will give them more visibility and make them more appealing in consumers’ eyes, with minimal effort. 

You might’ve noticed that many times restaurants don’t offer the same menu for online orders. The idea behind creating such a menu & uploading it online is to ease delivery & packaging for the customers.

Due to the state, content, and quantity of the food items, the chef & owner might not consider delivering certain items on the menu as they would be a hassle which could lead to wastage or even spilling & spoilage. This is why restaurant owners prefer creating a different online menu which includes items that are easier to store & deliver.

A restaurant delivery menu is a special menu created solely for takeout and delivery purposes. Whether you are a fine dining restaurant, cafe, or fast food chain, a delivery menu with suitable options can do wonders for you. You can upload this menu on your website, offer it through third-party aggregators (Zomato, Swiggy), or display it separately in your restaurant. It will offer customers ease and convenience. 

A properly packed food delivery package from delivery menu.
A properly packed food delivery leaves a lasting impression in customers’ minds.

6 Tips That Help Upsell Your Food Delivery Menu

If you are wondering how to design your bestselling takeaway menu, we are here to help. Although there is no definite solution that increases your sales, these tips might push it a bit further!

1. Narrow Down Your Dine-in Menu

Whether you want to focus entirely on your delivery fleet or make it only a part of your services, you need to consider the items you offer in your delivery menu carefully. You can’t apply the same principles in your takeaway menu as your dine-in menu.

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Not only does the food you provide for takeaway and delivery need to be apt for proper packaging, but it also needs to be fit for safely delivering.  

It takes a lot of time for the food to arrive at the customer’s doorstep when they place an online order at your restaurant. Therefore, it is critical to offer food items that can maintain their flavours, consistency & quality for a considerable amount of time.

2. Pick Easy-To-Deliver Food

With takeaway food, customers don’t only have to wait for the food to prepare but also travel to their destination amidst traffic. Customers also have a low tolerance for delays when they order food online. So with your takeaway menu, you need to make sure your staff can prepare the food you offer fast and efficiently.  

3. Offer Food Upgrades

When you make your delivery menu, offering customers add-ons and upgrades is a fantastic way to upsell your items. Remember to provide them with multiple options to add to their chosen dishes.

Anything to make it taste better or which goes well with their chosen dish like side dishes and drinks. Petpooja’s POS can help preset notes to save your time and let the customer know whether particular customization is possible.

4. Proper Packaging

With your takeaway food, the packaging has to be perfect. Therefore, it is best to keep food items that can pack well and don’t spill or create a mess. There are plenty of other things you have to consider with food packaging. Read “Important Do’s and Don’ts of Food Packaging” to know more.

5. Regular Menu Updating

With a takeaway restaurant menu, it is crucial to keep updating it in real-time. It can be highly disappointing for customers when they place an online order to find out that the food they want is unavailable. Therefore, you should monitor the menu and update it based on available supplies.

A good POS tool can help you smoothly toggle any food dish On or Off, depending on the availability of raw materials or as per your requirement.

6. Pictures and Descriptions

Amazing pictures with appealing food descriptions work exceptionally well with online ordering. If your images and descriptions are attractive enough to compel your customers to order from your restaurant, then your job is done and done tremendously well. 

A properly kept table with food and a restaurant menu.
The restaurant delivery menu is one of the most powerful yet underrated Sales & Marketing tools.

A well-designed delivery menu for your restaurant offers multiple benefits. A fine POS can assist you in managing the menu and all other aspects of online ordering. With Petpooja’s POS, you can seamlessly integrate with all major online aggregators, update your menu, customise add-on charges, and enjoy many more factors!

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Abeera Dubey
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