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What Is Restaurant Analytics And How To Use It?

Terms like Restaurant analytics, restaurant data, restaurant reporting don’t spark much excitement among restaurant owners. However, in order to gain a competitive edge and remain relevant in this industry, you have to understand your restaurant analytics well. 

Whether it is about inventory management, staff management, sales, marketing, or menu design, you have to understand your progress or obstacles and set a clear path for the future. 

78% of restaurant owners check their restaurant statistics every single day in the US. 

This analytics may seem time-consuming or complicated but it’s really not! Using the right tools and correct point-of-sale (POS) software this analysis will not even take complete 15 minutes for you to understand and get a clear picture of your restaurant business. 

Before we get to it, you need to understand that restaurant analytics goes a little deeper than restaurant reporting. It forces you to think about,
What is this data?
How is this data affecting my business?

Reporting is basically communicating the data while analytics is understanding the data and its results. Now let’s get into it:

Restaurant analytics you should understand to grow your business

Restaurant profitability is not just making sure that you sell more than your restaurant expenses, rather it is about selling the right sales category at the right price points. In all cafe-restaurant, not all menu items are equally sold. 

You need to understand the categories in detail and figure out which one is the most profitable for you. Fast food, Authentic cuisines, drinks, lunch, or dinner combos are examples of some of the sales categories. Using your Restaurant POS data you can easily finger out which category works best for you. You can then focus on these categories, build the menu accordingly, adjust price points and hold abundant inventory related to those dishes. 

2.  Which staff member drives the most sales?

Restaurant analytics from a data-rich restaurant management platform can allow restaurant owners to effectively see the performance of their servers in their restaurant. Be it table servicing or upselling menu items, or making sure that the customers have a memorable time.

With restaurant staff reports, you can know how each of your staff and kitchen member is performing.
Whether you are investing enough in your servers?
Is the investment giving them a positive return on investment?
Do you need to hire more or replace some staff members?

Further, restaurant analytics also help owners in tabulating the restaurant sales and to keep a check on any untoward thefts by disloyal staff members. You can assign appropriate rights to each of your staff members, and control what information about your sales and cash can they access or modify.

restaurant analytics

This is a question that keeps coming up again and again,
should we be open on Mondays for lunch?
are weekends the busiest for us?
But how to get accurate answers for such questions?

A good restaurant management system will help you in knowing this restaurant analytics. You can know which day of the week was the busiest, which month of the year was busiest and more. You can even make a comparison say your sales of this Friday compared to last Friday. Everything is possible and as a restaurant owner, you need to know these analytics to make operational decisions.

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Using this analytics you can plan your cleaning and maintenance, inventory restocking, host a few food blogging events, and so much more on the days your restaurant isn’t jam-packed. You can even come up with combos or schemes to boost your restaurant sales on the day it’s lowest, for example, Taco Tuesdays, BOGO Wednesdays, etc.

Over time, you can store and study all the special requests made by your customers in your restaurant reports.
Whether it is extra mayo? less spicy? extra grilled steak or anything.

Restaurant owners, like you, can leverage this analysis and make changes to the menu accordingly. This analysis will help you a lot in inventory management, pre-planning kitchen items, and automating some of your processes. It further makes the job easier for both, your chefs and the waiting staff.

Moreover, with your POS system, you can even analyze what is the most ordered item in your restaurant. You can also analyze which menu items sell faster at what time of the day.

For example: Coffees, muffins, and pancakes are sold more in the morning while noodles, sandwiches, and milkshakes are sold more in the evening.

restaurant management data

Restaurant owners don’t need to travel to all their restaurant branches or call up the managers anymore to get daily sales updates. With an efficient restaurant management system, you can simply log in and see the entire restaurant analytics and details about the sales, inventory, cash flow and so much more from anywhere with just a few clicks. 

You can see the data for all your restaurant branches complied as well as individually for comparison.  Making decisions like which branch needs more staff, which branch is not able to maintain inventory, which branch is the busiest, and much more can be a cakewalk for you. Moreover, you can know your most profitable and least profitable branch, and everything in between.

6. How much inventory do I need for the upcoming month?

Using restaurant analytics to analyze your inventory level and food wastage can also be very beneficial for reducing food costs in your restaurant.
A restaurant POS system can provide you analytics of past and present inventory levels, compared with the orders and cash intake at your restaurant to give you a result of how much inventory you will be requiring for the upcoming month. Hence you will not be overstocking your inventory which eventually leads to wastage in your kitchen.

This will also help you in reducing your food cost and managing your inventory well. With a good inventory management software, you can also predict seasonal trends that can affect your restaurant sales and can help you in restocking your inventory accordingly.

restaurant sales reports

In times as modern and tech-savvy as now, people just don’t want basic skill sets. They want to hire someone who understands the analytics of the business and has the ability to make decisions based on that. 

Hope this helps you in making strategies and running your restaurant operations smoothly!
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