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8 Easy Tips That Will Help You Effectively Manage Your Restaurant Riders

F&B establishments that use online food delivery platforms not just have to work towards delivering quality meals but also have to manage the delivery partners or the restaurant riders. Many restaurants either work with the riders provided by the platform or have their own delivery fleet. Specifically for restaurants which have their own fleet of riders, managing them becomes one of the prime issues.

Rider management is an essential task for any outlet willing to strengthen its brand presence. To improve customer experience, your riders need to be well-equipped and trained on their jobs. Retaining talented employees and fostering a positive work environment will also pay off in the long run for your team.

In this article, we provide quick and easy tips on how to efficiently manage restaurant riders.

strategy to manage restaurant riders for your food delivery business
A restaurant rider is the face of your brand. Make sure the customers and the riders have a good experience

 Tips To Manage Restaurant Riders

1. Efficient Training 

The restaurant riders who deliver your meal are the representatives of your brand. They are the first people to interact with the customers and so a good first impression matters a lot. For this, you need to train and retrain your restaurant riders regularly.

Training might include topics like food handling and soft skill training essential for customer service. Your fleet would also be coming to you with customers’ feedback. It is your job to take regular updates from them and work on the pain points to improve your service.

2. Regular Safety & Vehicle Checks 

This is another essential point for supporting your restaurant riders. If your local government offers any free vehicle inspections, inquire about it. If so, you could arrange for regular vehicle servicing and repairs. This will guarantee that your food delivery riders are safe while riding and can make on-time deliveries to your customers.

You can also train your fleet in managing and maintaining their own vehicles. This will make them responsible and accountable for their jobs.

3. Offer Premium Quality Delivery Equipment 

Nothing is worse for your delivery agent than to deliver food using damaged food baskets and helmets or other malfunctioned gear. It makes their work more difficult and affects their performance. In order to efficiently manage your restaurant riders and increase their productivity, you should regularly inspect your driver’s equipment and replace anything that needs to be replaced. This indicates that they are equipped for quick and effective food delivery.

managing a fleet of restaurant riders
Proper equipment can make the restaurant rider’s job easier

4. Provide Discounts To Restaurant Riders 

It isn’t fair that the restaurant riders smell the delicious and mouth-watering food they deliver across town but never get to taste it. As an industry practice, many restaurants offer discounts to their in-house staff. Remember that your food delivery riders are also a part of the team and to motivate them to work for you, you can give them monthly discounts or item-wise discounts on food.

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Many restaurants also offer free snacks and lunch to their staff. If you think you might not be able to commission that, you can provide them travel allowances!

5. Create A Reward Program 

Apart from discounts, you can also motivate your restaurant riders by creating a lucrative reward program. Reward programs are an effective rider management technique and a wonderful way to show your food delivery riders that you value their work. You can reward your staff by including a top employee of the month program or by giving your restaurant riders exclusive gifts. 

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6. Provide Them With Clean Uniforms  

We are what we wear! And as stated before first impressions matter. If your restaurant rider comes to deliver food fearing dirty shabby clothes, it reflects badly on your food quality and hygiene. And so, it is your job to invest in uniforms for your staff members.

Drivers can work comfortably if they are given a full uniform or branded shirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. This strategy of rider management also creates a sense of ownership amongst the staff. We all love our school uniform, don’t we? It is also an organic method to spread awareness about your restaurant. 

7. Delivery Route Optimization

From the perspective of a consumer, a delayed delivery is a bad experience. But, think of it from the perspective of your restaurant rider who might get delayed because of unavoidable circumstances. In such a case, an effective rider management strategy is to optimize their commute routes. 

You can streamline food delivery routes and reach your clients on time by utilizing the appropriate technologies and tools. By adapting to new technology, you can reroute your restaurant rider and plan the delivery of the closest vehicle if there is traffic or any other delay on their way. Businesses can offer excellent customer service because of route optimization.

route optimization is an effective rider management technique for restaurant riders
Use new technology for best route optimization practices

8. Keep Up With The Regulations 

It’s not as exciting as Keeping up with the Kardashians, but it is imperative for effective rider management. Maintaining suitable rules for your food delivery services is crucial for maintaining the value of your brand. You are more likely to damage your company’s brand if you can’t uphold accountability and transparency. Help your restaurant riders stay updated with the food and traffic rules and regulations of your state. 

A fleet of restaurant riders is the backbone of any restaurant with an online delivery facility. With the changing face of the business, ensuring that you have effective rider management can help you scale up the business. We hope this was a helpful read and will help you with your riders. For more content on effective restaurant management, follow us on Instagram

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