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5 Steps For Training Staff To Run A Succesful QSR Business

Is your business ready to match the pace of our fast lifestyles?

Quick service restaurants are a boon for you if you like your food prepared just in minutes. Are you new to the concept of a QSR business? If yes, then check it out here.

The distinguishing feature of a QSR, as the name suggests, is the speed with which it serves. To maintain the speed it is pivotal for the outlet to have trained staff members. Training staff determines the growth of your business.

Here is why you should invest in training your staff in a QSR-style business:

  • Training helps you prepare qualified employees and improves the efficiency of your business.
  • Trained staff is able to maintain consistency. It is important to remain consistent in the taste and quality of your products. 
  • When your staff knows their jobs well they can smoothly carry out their tasks and save resources and time.
  • Properly trained staff also contributes significantly to improved customer experience.

Are you still wondering how to start a QSR-style restaurant in India?

Compulsory Steps To Train Your QSR Business Staff

QSR outlets have gained tremendous popularity among customers in the last few decades. Their quick service and steady taste make them exceptional. However to persistently serve fast and without compromising the quality of food you need to rigorously train your staff. 

Here are the things that you must not miss out on while training your staff to take your business to new heights:

1. Draft An Effective Training Manual

Training your staff for a QSR is totally different. It is therefore pivotal to make sure you strategize first. Use those strategies and tips to carve your training manual. Below are the things you need to consider before finalizing your training manual:

  • Conduct market research to find out the tactics that other competitors are using to equip their employees.
  • Investigate what your outlet needs and plan a need-based training program. 
  • Perform a quick check to know the areas you need to train your staff in by taking their advice. Take your staff members’ viewpoints into consideration as well.

Once you have narrowed down your analytics formulate your training manual. It should include the key areas you need to polish and be capable of briefing all the nuances your employees need to know. Make sure your manual is able to educate your employees about your vision thoroughly.

A group of chef standing together and smiling | Steps For Training Staff To Run A Succesful QSR Business

2. Mastery Of Using Technology

The reason for the fast service of a QSR is that it functions on complete mechanization. The majority of the operations at QSR-style restaurants use high-tech automation. It is thus imperative to coach your employees to handle every advanced technology flawlessly. 

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Besides every staff member will need to learn some specific technology based on their task. So focusing on specific training is also crucial. For e.g, a cashier needs different training while the person who assembles food will another set of skills. It is important to train your employees to perform their key tasks without any faults. 

3. Important Training methods

As discussed in the previous point, it is of seminal importance that you train your employees to perform their primary tasks flawlessly. Using the shadow method to train your employees for their concerned tasks is the best way. 

3.1 Shadow Training Method

In shadow training, a skilled professional trains an employee closely. The shadow method provides the professional trainer to observe and provide personal feedback to the trainee. This method hones a learner perfectly and makes them absolutely ready to carry out their concerned tasks.

3.2 Cross-Training Method

Another important technique in staff training is the cross-training method. Cross-training equips the staff to perform other members’ tasks as well. Your employees become all-rounder through this training method. A number of people join QSR-style restaurants on a part-time basis. Cross-training, therefore, helps to run your business smoothly even when a staff member is missing. 

4. Employee Evaluation And Feedback

Evaluation and feedback are integral parts of staff training. 

  • Employee evaluation provides you with data to further improve your staff training. Evaluating helps you to know which staff member needs to focus where and how much improvement a staff member needs. 
  • Feedback is the consequent step of the evaluation process. Once you know where your staff members are lacking help them correct their problems with constructive feedback.

how to start a QSR business in India?

5. Compulsory Upskills

Training is not just about technical jargon. It is a must that you inculcate team spirit, soft skills, motivation, perfection, and goal clarity in your employees. 

  • It is important that your staff work with team spirit. The feeling of comradeship helps your brand emerge as one smoothly functioning whole. 
  • Providing soft skill training will help your employees to communicate better with your customers. 
  • Also, make sure that your staff members have clarity about the brand vision as it helps your employees to always keep the larger goal in mind.
  •  Last but not the least, motivate your employees. Make sure that your employees have the motivation to work efficiently. Do you know what your employees are expecting from your brand?

Hope this blog helps you figure out the best tactics to train your staff for your QSR business. 

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