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Work From Home Culture: A Glowing Opportunity for Restaurants

The work from home culture, also known as remote work culture, has brought a revolutionary change in the way the corporate world runs. The Covid-19 pandemic altered the way the human workforce operates. 

The fact that the employees can work from home with equal and, sometimes, even more efficiency is a long-pending realisation that finally hit employers. Thus, 2 years after near normalcy was restored in the world, workers are adopting a more flexible culture of working.  

This has proven to be hugely beneficial to the restaurant industry. 

A trending rise in ordering food from restaurants while working from home is being observed.

In most houses, both partners or a majority of the members of a family are working. Work and home-life balance are always hanging at the edge and on top of that nobody wants the added pressure of cooking food every day at home. A lot of households also employ cooks but there is hardly any household happy with what their cook cooks. 

This is where restaurants step in to make the most of a shining opportunity. The work-from-home culture can prove to be a golden goose in helping increase restaurant profits significantly. Good-food hunters are always on the lookout for delicacies and are ready to shell out a decent amount on a daily basis in exchange for satisfying yummy and hot food.

Here are a few ways how restaurants can benefit from the WFH culture:

A subscription model for regulars

Many customers do not want to waste their time browsing different restaurants every day to decide what would be their “meal of the day”. 

A restaurant will be able to attract more customers if they provide great quality food with a variety of options available at the same place. A one-stop solution for their lunch hours. 

Setting up a subscription model for regular customers will be hugely beneficial to the restaurant. It will facilitate them in bringing in more customers and retaining them. The subscription model can be weekly or monthly. This will enable the customers to be stress-free about an important aspect of their life: food.

A subscription model option for a variety of food options.

Quality food in exchange for customer loyalty

When a customer is working from home, all they expect is good quality food. That is all a restaurant owner needs to focus on. If a restaurant remains consistent with its quality standards, customers will hardly drift away from that restaurant.

Establish a hybrid model of operations

Running a restaurant is no small feat. Oftentimes, restaurant owners find it difficult to manage food deliveries along with operating a well-functioning restaurant. Moreover, restaurants require constant maintenance and upgradation. Restaurateurs carry out renovations and update the interiors to keep up with the ever-changing preferences of customers. 

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Restaurants can establish a hybrid model of running their food services. They can set up a cloud kitchen or QSR which specifically caters to the WFH audience. This will take the pressure off of the main restaurant. This will also enable the owner to introduce more delivery-friendly options and focus on customer favourites rather than offering a huge range of menus.

Easy to convert your home-run model into a professional cloud kitchen

The process of ordering food from cloud kitchens.

A lot of tiffin services or mid-day meal providers work out of their home kitchens. They are hesitant in investing their money into running a restaurant or starting up professional kitchens. 

With a rise in the WFH culture, the dependence of the workers is rising rapidly on such kitchens and the line on the graph will keep slanting upwards for the foreseeable future. 

This is the right time for the home-run models to turn into cloud kitchens and start their own restaurants and convert them into successfully run businesses. 

More cost-effective

The only things you need to take into account while benefitting from the remote working culture are quality and on-time delivery. Customers will not be focusing on extravagant packaging or any other frivolous aspects while ordering from a restaurant.

Their main focus will be that the food should be delicious and they should receive it while it is hot and within a reasonable time period. This will help restaurant owners on scaling in a cost-effective manner. 

A lot of cafes and restaurants have come up with an ingenious way of drawing customers to their houses and spending their work-from-home hours there. There are a few customer-friendly ways to do this:

Co-workers conducting their meetings at a cafe.
  • Installing work-friendly furniture like tables and chairs to support laptops and other materials
  • installing enough electrical outlets for customers to plug in their electronics
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Happy Hours for food and beverages
  • Offer basic amenities. This may range from clean sanitation options to access to printing and copy supplies
  • Offer loyalty points. If you offer a free drink with a snack or redeemable points against a purchase, it will help grow a regular clientele and retain them.

Thus, restaurant owners can re-align their spending and centre on satisfying the customers with mouthwatering, finger-licking, and hot food.

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