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Win Customer Loyalty With Your Restaurant CRM Tools

A wholesome customer experience in a restaurant goes beyond just serving them food and beverages. Customers like businesses that go above and beyond to build an impression and a relationship with them. According to research, restaurant revenue is highly concentrated among a small number of customers, with the top 25% contributing 64% of revenue. To make your regular customers feel valued and increase your retention rate, you can build a robust retention strategy, and CRM for restaurants is just the tool you need for it. 

What Is A CRM System?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a software solution which helps restaurants organize all aspects of a customer restaurant experience and build their strategy around it. It provides restaurateurs with reports like customers’ contact details, birthdays, anniversaries and dietary preferences. CRM for restaurants can work wonders in connecting with customers and building a long-term rapport. 

Different Uses Of CRM For Restaurants

A good CRM for restaurants offers multiple benefits to your business. It can help restaurants organize customer data, track customer preferences, build personal relationships, and identify recent trends. With the help of a CRM system, you can understand your customer’s preferences and current trends, which can help you make necessary changes in your business. You can reshape the menu and marketing efforts based on recent data. An exemplary CRM system is a key to streamlining your restaurant operations and acing your customer relationships. 

Customers enjoying restaurant experience - get CRM for restaurants.

Benefits of Getting A CRM for Restaurants

With the rise in competition in the Indian restaurant industry, it has become essential for the restaurant business to keep in touch with their customers. Tracking & reaching these customers become simpler with a CRM system.

1. Truly Know Your Customers

A CRM for restaurants collects and organizes all relevant information about your customers. This information includes customers’ contact numbers, email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, company, title, etc. Interestingly, CRM for restaurants can also note food allergies and preferences so customers can have an inclusive and safe restaurant experience from anywhere at any time. 

2. Make It Easy

Not only does a CRM system collect massive amounts of customer data for your restaurant, but it can also be linked to your POS system to bring in a more suggestive approach to your customer experience. Your CRM system will efficiently and easily serve you the necessary information when you need it.

3. Know Customer Trends

CRM tracks customer orders and preferences, helping you track and analyze current customer trends in the market. You would know what your customers order, what time they offer, and how much they order. Designing and building your marketing and management strategies around this data can give you an edge over your competitors in the market. 

4. Improve Your Services

With the help of CRM for restaurants, you can improve your dining experience by leaps and bounds. Based on your information, you can make personalized recommendations to your customers, make birthday offers and put unique decorations if they visit, seat a regular customer at their favourite table, and assign them their favourite server. By making changes in your services with the help of the data you collect, you take many steps to create a long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

5. Targeted Marketing Strategies

You can design targeted marketing campaigns with the massive amount of customer data you collect using restaurant CRM systems. It would be great to specially tailor your marketing strategy to your customer preferences and trends. You can send personalized texts and emails to your customers to entice them to visit your place. Sweet, personalized messages can make your customers feel valued and create a feeling of loyalty in them.

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If you are looking for restaurant CRM campaigns, then we have something for you! With Petpooja POS, you can create & track your SMS & service Feedback campaigns using the customer information stored in POS.

6. Integrate Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are effective methods to keep your customers returning to your restaurant. A loyalty program is a marketing technique to recognize your customers who regularly engage or purchase from your brand and reward them with benefits. A restaurant CRM can help you run customized loyalty programs based on customer preferences. You can also integrate your loyalty programs into an advanced CRM system to make it more convenient.

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An exemplary restaurant CRM system can go a long way in putting you ahead in the game. Want a perfect CRM system for your restaurant? Petpooja’s CRM allows you to track, engage and reward your loyal customers, ensuring that your brand creates a special relationship with every customer. It automatically syncs all useful customer information captured on the POS to the cloud, accesses your customer’s order history right on the billing screen to give you additional information to deliver a personalized experience and upgrade the customer, and sends customized SMS to engage your customers, amongst other things!

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