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Why Is Videography For Restaurants Important For Your Business?

87% of marketing campaigns on the internet are video-based

Videography for restaurants is the need of the hour. In fact, 95% of the message communicated in the video remains with the customers. This is something you can’t pull off with photos. With the world moving from static images to live stories and short videos you have a great opportunity to showcase your restaurant vibe and brand personality through the videos. 

Let’s Look At All The Reasons Why Videography For Restaurants Is Better Than Images Or Text For Your Marketing

1. Videos > Images

Did you know Instagram is now more inclined toward video sharing content rather than image sharing when it began? Why do you think that shift of algorithm happens? It’s because video communicates and delivers content better than images can. People are obsessed with videos and it shows as Youtube’s monthly traffic is over a billion users

Videography for restaurants gives you an opportunity to play with pictures, texts and audio all together. Videos get absorbed faster and leave a lasting memory on the user’s mind. If you are into a restaurant business then video content is the best way to start or grow your digital presence. 

2. Expressing The Brand Personality

Videos give you a better chance to portray your brand personality. You can easily portray your brand’s quirkiness, earthy, artistic, dramatic, innovative, calming personality using videos. 

Moreover, 65% of people respond to a video by visiting the author’s page which gives you a great opportunity to increase profile visits/ website visits/ followers on your digital media presence. 

Apart from capturing the brand personality of your restaurant business it also captures clear communication, attention to detail and delivers the correct planned interpretation of the campaign. 

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A person making video | Make videos for your restaurant

3. Higher Engagement 

A video holds a user on the website 2 mins longer than usual

Every now and then when we see a viral trend it’s usually in a video format. Users of video marketing campaigns testify that they have witnessed a 30% growth in traffic. 

For all the marketers and restaurant owners engagement on your marketing campaigns is all we wish for, live for isn’t it? Well, don’t waste your powerful content and design on delivering it through images it’s time to switch it up and use videography for restaurant marketing. 

4. Future Of Advertising 

The algorithms for google ranking, Instagram trends and other platforms keep on evolving as we speak. Videography is an important skill to acquire as video-based content is going to be the next-gen advertising strategy. 

It is already taken over the world with Instagram reels, tik-tok, Youtube shorts etc. It will help you grow your business and boost your brand presence along with delivering your content more impactfully. Here’s a Complete Guide On How To Run Restaurant Ads Successfully

Before this trend exhausts itself, take this opportunity and start producing creative, short and impactful videos for your restaurant marketing. 

Best way to make videos for your restaurant marketing

Ideas For Creating Videos For Your Restaurant:

  • Videos on the company’s goals, visions and mottos
  • Video on the journey of food being served on the tables
  • Video on how you acquire certain exquisite raw materials (in case of high-end, luxury dine-in)
  • Testimonials videos from your customers
  • Videos on holiday season preparation, menu and vibe
  • Videos on a special menu item or seasonal menu
    … And much more

Hope you found more than enough to start videography for your restaurant marketing! Here are some more marketing tips for you- Top 6 Organic Marketing Strategies You Must Try today

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