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Why Does Your Restaurant Need Whatsapp Marketing?

The ways of marketing have changed drastically over the years. Every industry has moved far away from traditional modes of marketing to new ones. Whatsapp marketing is one such and is gaining tremendous traction post the Covid pandemic.

For those who don’t know, Whatsapp marketing is a simple method where the business owners create a business account on Whatsapp and use it for several purposes including marketing. Marketing through Whatsapp is a great idea as there are over 487 million people who use Whatsapp in India. 

Are you wondering, what are some strategies for successful marketing?

Advantages Of Using Whatsapp Marketing For Your Restaurant Business

Marketing through Whatsapp brings you many advantages. Some of the advantages of using Whatsapp for marketing include:

1. Certified Presence

Although creating a Whatsapp Business account is a very easy process. All you need is to download the Whatsapp Business app and the rest steps are almost similar to the regular Whatsapp registration. If you still have any doubts about the registration process check it out here.

As an additional step, you just have to complete the verification process. For verification, you need to enter your business details, and domain details, and verify your authenticity. Once you get the verification done you are provided with a green badge that proves your credibility. Are you still confused about how to get a green badge for your business? Follow this link and get answers to all your queries regarding verification.

The certified presence will generate trust amongst your user and help you engage with people effectually.

2. Perks That Come Along

Just the huge number of people who use Whatsapp offers a great chance to reach more people with a click.

On Whatsapp, the business owners can also divide the audience into different categories. Audience segmentation helps to target customers with more relevant or personalized messages.

With labels on Whatsapp, you can arrange your messages and find them quickly. This feature helps save time and makes your operations more systematic.  

Whatsapp also offers statistics. The business account allows you to get analytics like the number of messages sent and read and helps you plan ahead accordingly.

best whatsapp marketing strategy and ideas

3. A Profitable Prospect

Marketing through Whatsapp requires zero capital investment and keeps the potential to give larger returns. Creating a Whatsapp Business account doesn’t require big sums of money. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. Thus, choosing to market your business via Whatsapp is really economical.

It also saves you a lot in terms of spending money to secure verification. Whatsapp verification also doesn’t require you to pay a penny.

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Another benefit of using Whatsapp for business purposes is the feature of end-to-end- encryption. This feature makes Whatsapp a safe and secure application to use for business enterprises. 

4. Multiple Modes Of Interaction

Whatsapp allows you to send a variety of content. It solves the problem of not being able to interact in certain formats. With Whatsapp, business owners can send messages, audios, videos, pdfs, and many other file formats. 

Whatsapp rules over the restrictions or complexity that the restaurateur may face in other modes of marketing. Whatsapp provides you with the flexibility to be creative in the way you interact with your customers.

Through Whatsapp, you can also easily conduct FAQs to collect information regarding customer preferences and feedback as well. If your customers bomb you with negative reviews smartly deal with these easy tips. 

The biggest plus point that comes with Whatsapp is that there is a fairly higher chance that your message will be read by the customers. Therefore the chances of conversion increase slightly.

5. Efficient and Accessible To Operate

Whatsapp offers efficient services by letting restaurant owners use the option of automated replies. You can fix some standard responses for basic queries that customers have and save yourself some time and labour. Alongside, the interface of Whatsapp is extremely easy which makes replying to and answering queries really quick. 

To use Whatsapp you don’t need to hire some experts as using Whatsapp is not a herculean task. Anybody can learn to use it effectively. Your regular marketing team can without trouble begin and ace marketing your restaurant with Whastapp.

Also, learn how to make a social media marketing calendar for your restaurant for better results.

why whatsapp marketing is the new way to reach customers?

Whatsapp marketing is a quick, safe and economical option for marketing your restaurant.

Not only for marketing purposes but using a Whatsapp business account for your restaurant business also makes it handy for the owner to manage restaurant operations just with the help of a mobile.

Using Whatsapp for marketing doesn’t require much resources and time but pays you off well. The frequency with which people use Whatsapp is also tremendous and can significantly help you increase your restaurant sales. Through marketing with Whatsapp, you can therefore also hope to increase your restaurant profits.

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