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Why Do You Need A Voice Ordering Kiosk For Your Restaurant?

Digitization has taken by the world and especially the restaurant industry. It is growing at a fast pace and technology plays an important role in this growth.

Self-ordering kiosks gained popularity in the 2000s in western countries. However COVID-19 pandemic added fame to voice ordering kiosks. This kiosk helps customers to view the menu, place orders, and make payments. Without touching anything or taking their masks down.

According to National Restaurant Association, 79% of customers believe restaurant kiosks make their experiences more convenient.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a voice ordering kiosk:

1. People want faster services

With the hectic schedules and our busy lives, we always look for restaurants that have minimum turnaround time. That’s the reason why Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are doing so well. A voice ordering kiosk helps your customers to not wait in long queues, go touch-less, order at their own pace, and decrease turnaround time at your restaurant.

It also increases the accuracy of the order and eliminates a lot of staff involvement which can be utilized in other priority tasks.

2. Easy to Navigate

Voice ordering kiosks are so much better at navigation than swiping through long menus, finding the correct category, and comparing combos. With voice ordering your customers can just casually ask questions as they would ask a normal human employee.

Voice assistants deliver the ability to understand complex orders, have the capacity to process modifications, follow up with the customer to confirm the order and clarify requests. It not only saves time but also saves your hungry customer’s energy. Voice ordering kiosks can actually be your competitive edge over other QSRs.

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3. Improved health & safety measures

COVID-19 has gotten all of us questioning the basic health and safety codes. Post-COVID, people have become extra cautious about preserving themselves and only visiting places that match their hygiene and safety levels. Voice ordering kiosk enables your customers to go touch-less, avoid standing or gathering in long queues and quickly be on their way.

Installing a voice-first oriented device will gain you an innovative advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

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4. Customer orders more from Voice ordering kiosks

A study by PYMNTS shows that customers spend 30% more while ordering through a self-service kiosk. Now the exact reason behind this is unclear whether it is due to no human pressure while ordering or the easy menu discoverability allowed by voice ordering kiosks. However, it’s still worth a try, right? You can easily upgrade your QSRs or one-lane drive-thru to multiple lanes using voice ordering kiosks.

5. Improved employee efficiency

Order taking and managing take up a lot of time for your staff members. If you are installing a voice-ordering kiosk you are basically freeing up your employees from long tedious hours of order taking. Now they can focus on high-priority tasks, take the time to provide higher customer satisfaction, carefully assemble orders and cheerfully deliver food or process payments. Your customer will have a non-rush order placing process as well as calm human interaction which will definitely increase their satisfaction and affect their future visits.

Restaurants are always looking for a special menu, the interior offers to stand out from the competition. Investing in a voice ordering kiosk is a great move for adding a cutting edge to your competition and saving time and resources.

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Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
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