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Why Are QR Codes Replacing Physical Menus In Restaurants Today?

Despite its invention in 1994, QR code has become the hottest technological trend in businesses around the world quite recently. QR code stands for ‘Quick response’ codes which are collections of small and large squares holding encrypted data.

When scanned with enabled device/ software, this data turns readable for people. QR codes emerged as the necessity of the hour in the recent COVID-19 pandemic. But despite that, they are here to stay. Businesses around the world are now switching to QR codes to provide their services. With QR codes the problem of data management has become easy as all of it has become cloud-based. You can scan a QR code and book a cab, scan a code and make national/international payments. Or just by scanning a code, you can order your favourite meal!

Have you recently been to a restaurant and seen QR codes placed on the table?

Has the waiter asked you to scan the code when you have asked for the menu?

Well, owing to the pandemic and the fear of getting contaminated, this new method of the touchless or contactless mode of service is seeing a rise. More and more restaurants are now using QR codes and linking them with their digital menu. But there has to be a reason why this trend is picking up. Keep reading to know about

Why Are the QR Codes Replacing Physical Menus in Restaurant?

1. Save Printing Cost

QR codes are smaller in size with minimal content. This is cheaper to print in comparison to the traditional menus which are heavy on content with many pages, back and front! At the same time, if a menu is damaged or torn, reprinting is an additional expense for the owner. But a QR code can be printed on any plain white paper and it gets the job done!

Another benefit of QR codes is their easy accessibility. All the QR codes are linked to a website that is supported by a search engine. This makes sharing the QR code’s encrypted content easier and less time-consuming. For restaurants working on mass orders or caterers, this is a very cheap and easy way to send their menu and services to various customers.

use digital QR code in restaurant menu

2. Configurable Menus

Driving from the same point above, adding or removing any item on a physical menu can be expensive. You would’ve seen many restaurants, either simply scribbling or taping on the item name they are not serving. And in case they wish to display the recommendations or season special, they have to go the traditional pen and paper way. But in comparison to that, a QR code can be linked with the restaurant’s online menu and modified whenever needed. By providing QR codes on restaurant websites, customers can easily view the menu, check out recommendations and even place online orders. Not just editing the menu, but if the restaurateur wishes to change the prices, description or update components of the item, it can be done without much hassle.

3. Environment Friendly

The main purpose of the QR code is to provide touchless service. Without coming in contact with the restaurant staff, the customer can have access to the restaurant menu. The promotion of these digital menus has been made to promote environment-friendly business practices. Young restaurateurs aim to run sustainable businesses with less wastage and optimal usage of raw material. And so, they are switching to restaurant billing software which is assisting them in managing online menus, taking online payments and feedback with the help of QR codes.

how to make QR code menu for my restaurant

4. Less Human Errors

QR codes are of great help to the restaurant staff. During rush hour, staff might miss spells or take incorrect orders. But with the help of QR codes, the staff can know exactly what the customer wants. Pair it with an efficient captain app and your staff is good to take on the busiest days! Even while updating and changing the menu, with the help of technological assistance, human errors can be reduced to a minimum.

QR codes are trending and people are loving how easily accessible and simple they are! They are the symbol of India’s drive to go digital!

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