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What Are Types Of Cloud Kitchen Space In India In 2022?

Did you know that pre-covid, consumers requested delivery 63% of the time, but that percentage has surged to an astounding 88% in 2022.

Nowadays, staying in and ordering food has become a go-to option for most of us. Ready-to-eat food delivery has emerged as a significant market. The tie-up between third party food delivery apps and restaurants have made all our lives super easy. All you need is your phone to order whatever craving is holding you hostage. 

Are you someone who is planning to open a cloud kitchen soon? Well, here are the two best types of cloud kitchen spaces in India that you should consider before opening a cloud kitchen. Before we get to it, first let’s understand what exactly is a cloud kitchen?

What is a Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchens a.k.a ghost kitchens are basically a delivery-only restaurant business model. They don’t offer an option of dine-in and they cater to their customers solely through online delivery. Cloud Kitchens infrastructure basically includes a kitchen set-up and tie-up with various food delivery applications.

With growing food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato, cloud kitchens are going to be a next-gen thing. But among the rising competition and chaos, it becomes very important to stand out on these online aggregator platforms. One of the ways to stand out from the competition can be choosing the correct kind of Space.

Now that we know what a cloud kitchen is let’s get to the types of cloud kitchen you will need for your cloud kitchen business:  

Here are the types of cloud kitchen spaces in India:

1. Independent cloud kitchen 

What is it?

A dedicated space cloud kitchen model is a place owned or rented by a brand exclusively for its own use. They may choose to use one or more alternative concepts in the location, but they will not be joined by other businesses. They have complete ownership of the equipment and other things. The initial investment to open a dedicated space cloud kitchen is more than a shared space one.

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Benefits of having a dedicated cloud kitchen:

  1. Complete ownership and quality assurance of kitchen and equipment
  2. Opportunity to expand an existing restaurant or launch a virtual brand at a low cost
  3. Can run multiple-brand chains under one roof
  4. Ability to scale and experiment with newer menus
  5. Allows restaurateurs to grow their businesses, expand into other markets or test new concepts
shared space cloud kitchen space in india

2. Shared space cloud kitchen  

What is it?

A shared space cloud kitchen is a place where restaurant owners employ their own staff and produce in a shared space cloud kitchen concept where the facility and equipment are owned by a third party. Several enterprises may use the common cooking space, each wishing to create delivery or dine-at-home meals without the overhead of a restaurant. Storage and Refrigeration Units are common. The average size of shared space cloud kitchen is typically around 1200–1800 Sq Ft large and can run 6–10 different restaurant brands at a time.

Shared space cloud kitchen isn’t very popular in India until now but is soon going to gain a lot of popularity and become a restaurant trend of the future.

Benefits of having a shared space cloud kitchen:

  1. Lowers restaurant’s two most significant operating costs: rent and labour
  2. This business strategy enables restaurants to diversify and extend their customer base while lowering the cost
  3. Ease in obtaining licenses
  4. Better location and reduced risks as shared space cloud kitchens are usually located where demand for food delivery is high 
  5. Reduced Food delivery costs considering that these spaces generate more orders from the same location, a delivery partner can pick up more orders in the same time frame
dedicated cloud kitchen space in india in 2022

Hope this helps you in choosing the right cloud kitchen space for your business. If you are someone who is just starting their cloud kitchen business then a shared space cloud kitchen can help you experiment without incurring huge initial costs. 

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