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Top 5 Ways To Create A Perfect At Home Customer Experience

The pandemic has got everyone to try new things. With the rise in Covid cases across the nation, people have constantly opted for at-home delivery. Well, we can’t lie but it has been quite convenient. However, customers still hope for a sense of community and comfort. Times like these require restaurants to up their game and develop creative ways to cater to the customer’s needs. Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction are now more important than ever for restaurants.

In this blog, you’ll find top tips to enhance at-home customer experience and management strategies.

1. Optimise your Menu

Your online menu should be clear, concise, and crisp. While drafting your delivery menu, we suggest keeping it simple by clearly stating the prices, make different portion sizes for every dish (keeping in mind it can serve a party of one and a family-size meal). In order to create a user-friendly experience, add combos, add healthier options, food options similar to that people cook at home, and suggested best seller options. Also mention the delivery time window and adjust your online menu.

2. Packaging is key

In at-home dining, packaging acts as a key factor in creating a wholesome customer experience. The way your food is packaged is the physical representation of your brand’s personality. Design it using your logo, brand colors, food puns to create more affection for your brand. Handwritten thank-you notes, flashcards to increase shares on social media all these little extras can also help to make your delivery operation stand out and create a personal experience. Make sure your packaging containers are spill-free. The use of recyclable and paper packaging is always appealing. Ensure that you don’t overpack your containers and they are easy to open.

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3. Pay attention to Add-ons

The entire at-home experience should replicate the in-person dining. Hence, you must focus on every tiny detail. Therefore, ensure you provide sanitizer packets, tissues, cutlery, and mouth freshener packets. Additionally, you should also provide enough complimentary food essentials as well.

As the number of restaurants offering food delivery is growing, it is imperative you create a unique and personal brand experience. These additional efforts will make you stand out.

4. Use Technology Innovatively

Use technology as a great way to increase brand recall and loyalty of your brand among customers. With Petpooja’s marketplace services, you can send SMS to the customer informing them about the delivery status of their food. Send them SMSs about all the offers you are running in the restaurant and lastly send them Feedback notification to collect the reaction of the customer for the food you are serving.

All these things can be done directly from your Petpooja PoS without interrupting your routine and contacting multiple people for the same.

We feel if you follow these small tips to make a customer’s experience better and make them feel restaurant delivered food is exactly the same as home-delivered food or even better, you are surely going to gain multiple loyal customers over time!

We hope Petpooja’s blogs are helpful to you. Feel free to give us feedback on shivani.dad@petpooja.com. And if you wish to get a Restaurant PoS for your restaurant, check out our free demo.

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