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How To Promote Your Restaurant Using Video Marketing?

A decade ago, social media platforms emerged to transform the marketing approach for restaurants. One decade and multiple trends later, video marketing has emerged victorious as one of the best marketing tools to promote your business. 

Baffled? Don’t be. In this article, we have explained what is video marketing and how you can use it to promote your restaurant. Stay tuned (and don’t skip) for insightful tips. 

What Is Video Marketing? 

In a digitally saturated environment, video marketing is an visually engaging way for restaurants to engage with their foodie customers and capture their attention.

Strategic video marketing takes into account who your restaurant’s audience is, where are they situated and what do they like to see. Identifying where videos will be displayed and in what context will appear for effective audience targeting is critical.

The reason video marketing is booming is because of the growing popularity of video content. Come on, we all spend hours drolling over food videos. More and more people prefer to see video as compared to static images. 

Keep reading for the best ways in which you can use video marketing to promote your restaurant. 

video marketing for restaurants
Video marketing is the best tool to promote your restaurant

How To Use Video Marketing To Promote Restaurant

1. Video Announcements 

Gone are the days when you needed to stand outside your restaurant in a fancy costume and give out flyers. To make announcements, all you need is social media account and video content.

Whether opening a new restaurant, adding a new cuisine, or updating your menu, keep your camera ready to make a short video to reach the maximum audience through video marketing. 

For example, if you are hosting a Christmas menu-tasting party, create an aesthetic video to inform people. You can add all the details without making the design cluttered.

If you are looking for templates for your foody and festive mood, you should try Tvito. The app will give you hundreds of theme-based templates that are ready to use and easy to execute. 

2. Promote Customer Testimonials 

Positive customer reviews are one of the best ways to inform new people that your restaurant is well-loved by customers. 

You can use YouTube marketing to run ads that showcase customer reviews. Along with taking Google reviews, you should also record their testimonials when they taste your new recipes. You can create a list of feedback questions which can be asked in a video of your customers in the restaurant.

This way, you are showing a live representation of a customer inside your restaurant while also showing off your food and interiors.

how to advertise a restaurant on social media

3. Show Off Your Menu 

Introduced a new winter special? Launched a mouth-watering new food menu for your bar? Whatever it is, don’t limit your food and drinks to a static photo. Many people flood social media with tons of images, and you will get lost in the crowd.

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Instead of investing in food photography, create a delicious video showing your menu. When your restaurant closes, you can prepare the best sellers on your menu and shoot an interactive video.

It could show someone eating or drinking, a group enjoying the food, or shots of the food looking piping hot and irresistible. This will also help you create an experience for the audience, who will be urged to try the food based on how appetizing it looks.]

Psstt… if you are looking to expand your social media reach, you can collaborate with social media influencers too!

Know how to market your restaurant using video content
Add proper lighting and a solid background to bring out the aesthetics

4. Introduce Your Brand  

Creating a brand identity for your restaurant is your responsibility. And so, you need to be careful and creative about your video content. A few things that you need to make sure that your video content must have:

  • Make sure all your videos and reels have your brand logo and your outlet location(if you have multiple outlets). You need to make sure your customer knows who you are. And you don’t want your content taken or stolen by someone else.
  • Make sure you are using the right hashtags that help you increase your brand presence.
  • Always be informative with your content. Let’s say you are posting a video of your best cocktails. Make sure your caption lists all their names and even their ingredients. And without forgetting, invite your customers to come and enjoy it at your establishment!
  • When you are taking customer videos or testimonials, tag them! This way, if they share your video, you will reach more audience.

Tips For Creating Appealing Video Content

Before you press the record button, here are some tips to keep in mind while shooting the video content to market your restaurant: 

  • Hire a professional videographer who can shoot content for you in bulk. This cost-effective marketing idea will allow you to plan your content in advance without worrying about the video’s quality.
  • Keep in mind the platform on which you will be posting and plan the orientation and optimization of the video accordingly. For Instagram marketing, you will need the video in a vertical format, whereas Youtube marketing requires a horizontal frame.
  • Never forget to add a call to action. A CTA is the video’s end message and the action you want the viewer to take. For instance, if you want them to visit the restaurant, your CTA should say, ‘Visit the restaurant today!’ 
what is the best way to promote your restaurant
A proper camera and a neat frame will enhance your restaurant video

Video marketing has gained popularity for all the right reasons. It provides consumers access to your restaurant from the comfort of their homes. When used right, video marketing can not only help you gain new customers but also make your brand popular on a global scale.

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