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How To Use Petpooja Captain App To Enhance Customer Experience For Your Restaurant Business?

Technology has been transforming the restaurant industry since a long time!

Restaurants that have adapted to the coming technology have seen tremendous growth over the past few years along with surviving the pandemic. 

Petpooja as a leading restaurant technology company has yet again come up with a great application after a ton of research that can help you enhance the customer experience in your restaurant. 

Introducing Petpooja Captain App

The manual order taking process can be very chaotic and time-consuming. Servers stressfully run across the restaurant with a pen and paper throughout the day, leaving them exhausted at the end of the day. 

There are also high chances of mistakes and inaccuracy in punching orders and generating KOTs manually. 

It also takes numerous visits to the billing counter to complete a single transaction resulting in complete mayhem and many more such problems.

What’s the solution? 

A single application!

Petpooja Captain App can resolve all your physical, mental and emotional problems. 

use Petpooja Captain App to help you increase customer experience in your restaurant business
  • It allows the server to accept orders digitally or via voice ordering right from the customer’s table so that the server doesn’t have to run around the restaurant with a pen and paper in his hand. During peak hours, you don’t need more staff to take the order as taking orders now takes minimal time. It also saves your servers time which can then be invested in another aspect of the business. 
  • Once the order is placed it automatically generates the KOT for the kitchen staff. This means that the server doesn’t have to come back to the billing counter to write the order on a sticky note and pass the copy in the kitchen. The kitchen staff also no longer has to manage those sticky notes they can have a Kitchen Display System (KDS) where all the pending orders are displayed.
    This process also ensures the accuracy of the order placed and KOT generated in the restaurant. 
Petpooja Kitchen Display System (KDS) for your restaurant kitchen
  • At the time of billing, the app supports multiple payment gateways allowing the server to settle the bill and accept payments from the customers through the app itself. There are also multiple times when customers come with a coupon code or wish to redeem their customer loyalty points or ask for discounts where the server gets confused and has to again run back to the billing counter to edit the already printed bill. Well, not anymore as the app allows you to apply necessary discounts, redeem loyalty points and apply coupon codes directly on the bill through the app. 
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Not just this, this AI technology-based application can also suggest smart food recommendations to the waiter so that he/she can upsell the menu items to the customers accordingly. 

Moreover, if bills are generated through the captain app it will directly sync with your POS data and help you in reporting and analyzing your restaurant data in the future.  

Key Features:

  • Multiple devices work in sync with each other and the POS
  • Supports offline architecture (works without internet)
  • AI-based food recommendation engine
  • UPI and wallet payments
  • Works on any Android phone
  • Contact-less Card Payments on a single tap (under Rs 5000)

Customer expectations are constantly changing. Food & ambience are just not enough to make your customers keep coming back to your restaurant. Your restaurant service should be seamless right from when they enter till they exit your restaurant. Every communication and touchpoint should be efficient in order to leave a lasting impression on your customer’s mind. 

Rely on robust technology and this simple & seamless application to handle the running tables along with enhancing your customer experience.

Say goodbye to that overwhelming & tiring feeling as Petpooja Captain App is at your rescue. 

Hope this helps you in enhancing your customer experience and eases your operational hassles! Follow us on our Instagram for more restaurant industry related updates!

Fatema Rasiwala
Fatema Rasiwala
Content writer at Petpooja


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