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How To Upgrade Your Restaurant Menu To Reap Higher Profits? 

Any kind of business industry needs to keep up with the current customer trends. A business that refuses to adapt to the changing environment hinders its growth in the market. If you are a restaurateur, you understand how food preferences and trends keep changing and the need to keep up with them. Your menu needs to be regularly updated based on these changes. Your perfectly curated restaurant menu reflects the personality of your restaurant and is a powerful marketing tool that should not be taken for granted.

Why Invest In Upgrading Your Restaurant Menu?

Updating your restaurant menu is a demanding endeavour. Depending on the availability of the resources, raw materials, market trends & demographic, the need for menu updates might vary. Manier times, restaurants become people’s favourite because of serving limited but delectable menus.

Such restaurants have loyal customers who come to the restaurants only for their speciality. For such restaurants upgrading or changing menus might be a loss of customers.

But if you are a restaurant owner who wishes to curate a unique experience for their customers with each visit, regularly upgrading your menu presents numerous benefits to the business. Although consistency is essential to keep a loyal customer base, updating your restaurant menu with changing times prevents your menu & business from turning stagnant and stale in the current competitive market.

Here are some other reasons you should update your restaurant menu:

  • A menu keeping up with preferences and trends will keep your business in the market  
  • It helps reduce and adjust costs per changing seasons and prices in the market
  • It allows you to capture new markets and customers
  • It will enable you to explore your chef’s creativity and new ideas
Customers carefully going through the restaurant menu.
The restaurant menu reflects the ideology of a restaurant and is a powerful marketing tool.

4 Tips To Know Before Upgrading Your Restaurant Menu

Here are some tips that will make menu upgrading easy for your restaurant.

1. Pick Your Niche

If certain items in your menu are rarely being ordered and generating any revenue, it is an excellent time to eliminate them from your menu altogether. For instance, MacDonald’s removed the cheesy rice bowl from its India menu due to low sales.

The best way to create a profitable restaurant menu would be to pick items that are customers’ favourites & improve them for the better. Considering that more & more customers are leaning towards creating a healthy lifestyle, you can also add vegan, plat-based & anti-allergen items to your menu. If you worry it might not work in your area, you can always change or upgrade those recipes!

2. Cross-utilization

It is wise to design a menu where every raw material or semi-cooked food items in your menu can be used in as many recipes as possible. If the same ingredients are used in most dishes, it can save you space, cost and effort. So when you upgrade your menu, think about cross-utilizing your ingredients. For example, keeping more dishes where you can use the same bread you buy for one dish.

3. Know Your Market

Updating your menu is a fantastic way to capture new markets and keep up with changing trends. Customer tastes are ever evolving. If you have a single outlet restaurant, your ability to quickly adapt and make necessary changes is your most significant advantage. Conduct market research to know what’s in trend, being served by your competitors and what customers prefer. For instance, if there is a rise in a vegan lifestyle or specific ingredient like broccoli.

4. Menu Audits

Conduct monthly, quarterly & even yearly audits to analyze your menu and understand required changes. If you have an exemplary POS system, it will provide you with valuable reports to conduct this exercise. To grow your business, analyze your costs and update your menu at least once a year. If your menu relies on seasonal ingredients, update it at least twice a year based on changing seasons. 

5 Signs Your Restaurant Menu Needs to be Upgraded

How do you know your menu needs to be updated? Here are some signs to watch out for to revisit your menu.

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1. Changing Food Costs

As the food costs constantly fluctuate throughout the year, it becomes crucial to regularly analyze your prices. When you initially created your menu, some ingredients may have cost you lower than they do now, necessitating you to revise your prices. However, the challenge with this approach is in case of deflation; if you don’t re-adjust your prices based on market scenarios, the customers will notice it. 

2. What’s Not Being Ordered?

Have you analyzed your restaurant menu to understand its popular and not-so-popular items? If certain items in the menu are not in demand, it is a solid indication that you must revisit your menu. If some items lower your overall ROI, you can either lower their prices or remove them altogether. 

3. Increasing Food Waste

If you are ending up with large amounts of raw ingredients, which aren’t being used and increasing your food wastage, it is an excellent sign to revise your menu. Talk to your staff to understand your food wastage situation and make changes to your menu accordingly.

4. POS Reports

Your POS reports can be of enormous help in building your restaurant strategy. A robust POS system can help you identify highly profitable and least sold items in your menu and other helpful information in a single dashboard. You can use this information to re-design your menu to enhance your margins on popular items. For less popular items, you can use your POS to calculate the actual making cost versus the revenue they are generating.

A restaurant menu kept at a table with well presented food.
Updating your menu with changing times prevents you from turning stale in a competitive market.

An efficient menu design is a challenging task. Petpooja’s POS helps you customize your menu to serve your customers better with add-on notes, exciting offers, special menus, dynamic pricing and much more! 

Check out our blog on The Psychology Of Restaurant Menu Design to understand more about menu upgrading & customer behaviour. We hope this helps you in your restaurant business. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for regular F&B industry updates!

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