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Upgrade Your Online Food Delivery Process With Petpooja Token Management System

The tremendous growth in online orders started because of the COVID-pandemic in 2020 and continued because people loved the comfort and ease of online ordering.

Having said that, we all know that the trend of online orders is not going to die down soon and more online orders will keep flowing in as you grow.

The only worry customers may have is that ordering food online every day can be unhealthy in the longer run. But even that worry has been resolved as there are multiple restaurants, cafes, food joints and cloud kitchens that provide home-cooked, vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and Jain food that suits their diet. And to make the process even simpler there are so many food delivery businesses like Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo etc that help the customers connect with the restaurants.

If your restaurant serves both dine-in as well as online orders then it gets more difficult to serve dine-in orders along with enhanced customer experience, managing online orders and delivery agents waiting to collect orders and other kitchen, billing, inventory related operations. 

What’s the solution?

Petpooja Token Management System 

That’s right, you know how easy it is to check your flight status and time at the airport because a screen is installed in the waiting area where all the information is updated?

Just like that, Petpooja Token Management System is an android app that runs on a screen mounted at your restaurant. The delivery executives and take-away customers can know the live status of their orders directly on the screen installed in the waiting area or outside your restaurant without having to repeatedly bother your restaurant manager or staff. This will not only save time but will also ease the process while your waiters are hustling to serve the dine-in orders. This makes your restaurant operations organized and faster. 

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Petpooja Token Management System helps you manage your online orders in the restaurant

Key Features:

  • Live-order status for Delivery and Take-away orders
  • Zomato and Swiggy OTP for the delivery executive to check-in
  • Mark food ready from PoS or KDS
  • Can be installed anywhere

The competition in the industry is getting fierce, and given that customers have multiple restaurant options to choose from, they will always prefer a restaurant that delivers the food as per their instructions and before time. Therefore, if your order preparation service is slow then even the delivery will get delayed. This might leave a bad impression on your customers’ minds and attract a negative review of your business. 

Delivery agents are often in a hurry and will keep coming to the counter to ask for their order status. It’s annoying to the restaurant staff as well as the dine-in guests when they do so which can hamper the customer experience at your restaurant.  Using Peptooja Token Management System, delivery agents can monitor their order status from outside the restaurant and only enter the restaurant once their order is prepared.

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