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Ultimate Guide To Train Your Icecream Parlour Staff

Data suggests every time is ice cream time in India. In 2020 the ice cream industry in India struck 201.4 billion. It is further anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 14% by 2021. 

When the ice cream industry is thriving what can you do to promote your parlour’s success? In an ice cream shop, the customers directly interact with the whole front staff. It is thus pivotal for ice cream shop owners to invest in staff training.

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Here’s An Effective Guide To Train Ice Cream Parlour Employees

Before you train or hire your staff you need to answer does your ice cream parlour has an environment for growth? An experienced owner would know that staff members will only dedicate their time and efforts completely when they see themselves getting benefited as well. Here is a checklist that you might like to consider:

  • Is the work culture at your place healthy?
  • Do you pay your staff members sufficiently?
  • Do you take feedback from your staff members and then work on them?
  • Do you take employee satisfaction into consideration?
  • Do you motivate your staff regularly?

1. Choose your potential employees carefully

Hiring is instrumental in deciding the course of training your employees. So take the hiring process seriously and try to focus on the following areas:

  • Does the personality of the interviewee suitable for your work environment?
  • Why does the interviewee want to work at your ice cream parlour and what are their expectations from the job?
  • Crosscheck with the references the interviewee has provided and the reason for leaving the last job if you wish.
  • Does the interviewee wilfully accept to work under the norms laid by your company?

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2. Curate a general training program

Your staff members might not require any specific degree to work in your ice cream parlour but providing general training to every employee who works at your place is paramount.

2.1 Pass adequate information

Introduce your staff members to the general working of your ice cream shop. Provide them with adequate information that they should know. Make sure your employee knows enough to answer any questions that your customers might ask as a clueless staff member doesn’t leave a good impression. It even affects your brand image.

2.2 Focus on improving soft skills

Focus on improving the soft skills of your employees. As mentioned earlier, customers in an ice cream shop interact with almost all of your staff members. So training your staff on the basic etiquette while interacting with customers becomes essential. Guide your employees to be polite and to pay attention to customer satisfaction.

2.3 Introduce probation period

You can plan on introducing a probation period before actual hiring if that is doable for your organization and your potential employees.

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3. Provide technical training as well

Consistent taste and texture are paramount in the ice cream business. To maintain the consistency you serve your customers you have to train your employees rigorously.

3.1 Train using the shadow method

As the owner, you should ace in your niche and train your respective employee using the shadow method. Consider this method as passing on your legacy, closely teach your employees your method of perfection. For example, if you serve Gelato then teach your employee to make the texture slightly thick and also coach them on the various ways to serve ice cream. What are some interesting ways to serve ice cream?

3.2 Cross-train your staff members

Train your employees as per your niche. Check if your niche requires some specific training that you need to carry.

3.3 Give niche-training

Cross-train your ice cream parlour staff. Cross-training is gaining attention these days as nobody wants to shut their business when any member is on a holiday or has some emergency. Besides training in the assigned job roles, you can train your staff to fill up other job profiles when required.

3.4 Use resources consciously

Train your employees to optimally use electricity. Ice cream shops have to keep their refrigerators on 24/7. It leads you to pay expensive electricity bills and also causes harm to the environment. Save up some electricity by going eco-friendly with these sustainable methods. Educate your staff also about these methods.  

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4. Other powerful methods

Motivating your staff and giving charge to handle a position of responsibility also help to make a strong ice cream parlour workforce.

  • Distribute responsibilities and assign specific tasks to your employees. Distributing responsibilities helps you assess the individual performance of every staff member and provide you with insights on how to train your employees better.
  • Another important thing is to hold staff accountable for their assigned jobs. Accountability generates a sense of responsibility and helps employees in carrying out their tasks with perfection.
  • For expecting a good performance from your employees you need to keep them motivated. You should definitely compliment your staff whenever they perform well or else also. The owner’s kind words can act as a source of motivation. Another simple method could be to reward your employees. You can reward your employees with titles like employee of the month, the most punctual employee of the month, or the ice cream maestro of the month. This way your staff members will have some motivation to work with every month.

Continuously train or hold workshops for your employees to help them stay creative and innovative. Another crucial thing is to retain employees. Focus on employee retention as well. Otherwise, the resource you put into training will go waste. Use this Pos system customized just for ice cream parlours for better management.

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