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Ultimate Checklist For Restaurant Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

Restaurant maintenance is the best preventive measure to make your business run smoothly.

Restaurant maintenance refers to regular upkeep and checking of your restaurant. Chiefly, it is a sort of frequent servicing of all the devices, appliances, and spaces at your restaurant. It also involves training and maintaining your staff. 

Benefits of restaurant maintenance

  • It saves unnecessary expenditure.
  • Help you make sure that your restaurant equipment lasts long.
  • Increases your efficiency by cutting down on service time.
  • Can help you improve your bottom line with increased efficiency.
  • Enhances customer service and user experience.
  • With proper checking, you can avoid unexpected expenses and last-minute failures.

Most Recommended Tips For Restaurant Maintenance

Restaurant maintenance is a cost-effective method to improve performance and profit margin together. Your restaurant maintenance checklist should include the following.

1. Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance can prevent major damage by constantly looking at and managing minor ones. Add an HVAC system, fire sensors, grease filters, deep fryers, oven, ice machines, refrigerator, fire extinguishers, and others to your routine maintenance list.

You should always keep your restaurant ready to beat the temperature outside. A Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system helps you maintain a comfortable and warm temperature in winters and a breezy one in summers. Ventilation has always been an integral part of heat management in a restaurant and post covid it has got even more essential. So, keep your duct system, air conditioner, and air circulation checked often.

Besides, routinely examine your kitchen appliances. In the next step, the article talks about the how and why of maintaining kitchen equipment. Also, always inspect your fire alarms and fire extinguishing system to avoid mishaps. 

2. Cooking Equipment and Appliances

Can a restaurant afford to take its kitchen and its appliances lightly? It is majorly the food and service of a restaurant that customers come to it for. Effective equipment can significantly help you prepare good food in short periods of time.

Clean your deep fryer frequently to keep it away from potential blockages. Make sure that your oven is ready to bake a cake, lasagne, tart, potato, or whatever your customers like. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your refrigerator and keep your beverages and frozen food fresh. Always be prepared to serve ice cream at the right temperature. 

Most importantly clean your grease trap. The grease trap helps in managing any FOG (fat, oil, and grease) in the kitchen. So, it is very important to clean it to let it run flawlessly and long. Make sure other appliances like a grinder, food processor, slicers, crockery, and so forth are also kept up duly. Here is the list of all equipment you would need in your kitchen.

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The kitchen equipment of a restaurant is expensive. Proper and regular maintenance of the equipment can make them endure for a longer period of time.

A person sanitising a restaurant | Restaurant Maintenance

3. Hygiene and Sanitation

Keep proper cleaning and sanitation at all times. Do regular pest control to avoid spoilage of food and other stocks. Pest control is a great way to save Inventory from probable exploitation by rats.

Take care of your garbage system and the place where you dump waste. Make sure every possible place in your restaurant is free of mosquitos or bugs.

Also focus on cleaning the floor, dining tables, chairs, kitchen, serving, and eating utensils regularly.

Maintaining healthy practices and hygiene at your restaurant will automatically take care of your staff and customers’ health.

4. Software Maintenance

With the advent of everything turning online, most restaurants have their own website, app, POS system, KDS, and CRM technology.

Assure that all your software and technology are running smoothly. Update and keep checking them frequently to ensure that your users get the best experience.

Technology connects you to your customers. Make sure it is set right without glitches and that your customers don’t run into any errors.

Keep a 24/7 helpline support for online users or at least for the hours you keep open.

Get Maintenance Tracking software to keep your restaurant in the best shape.

5. Staff Management

Staff management is very important to restaurant maintenance. A restaurant’s staff is without a doubt its backbone. 

A restaurant should take care of its staff’s health. Give your staff proper rest. Working in a restaurant can be tiring. You can try assigning alternate shifts on heavy workdays so that your staff is not drained. Ensure your staff gets every measure fulfilled to perform their best. Know the benefits every restaurant employee wishes to have.

Training and educating your staff is very beneficial. It helps them take care of the restaurant when you are not around.

Restaurant Manager and restaurant staff discussing | Restaurant Maintenance

6. Additional Measures

Get sensors at your restaurant. It identifies the problem as soon as it starts and gets rid of it immediately. It also minimizes the risk of fire hazards.

Also don’t forget to keep an eye on your seating area, dining area, and parking lot. Make sure everything is right and settled. Check out the various restaurant expenses and ways to deal with them.

Lastly, be prepared for unexpected repairs. Readiness is the key. Also, keep all your warranty cards handy. They can help you save a lot when your equipment fails within the warranty period. Divide the maintenance of your restaurant according to different time frames. For instance, daily, weekly and monthly, yearly or as per you think would be suitable. Stick to it and run your restaurant successfully.

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