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Types Of Employee Thefts To Look Out For In Your Restaurant?

Are you worried about internal thefts or employee thefts in your restaurant?

Do you wish to secure your restaurant billing, inventory, cash and data resources?

Did you know that profits of millions of dollars are lost in the restaurant industry because of employee theft? It’s not just you, this is pretty much a widespread problem globally. These unavoidable practices can affect your overall working environment and profitability. 

Here Are The Most Common Kind Of Employee Thefts That Can Occur In Your Restaurant

1. Discrepancies in Billing

If bills are getting modified and reprinted without explanation then that’s probably because of internal theft. Your biller or anyone else can modify the bill remove the item from the bill and take the money paid by the customer towards it into their own pockets. The biller can also reprint the existing bills and take out free food items from your restaurant. 

If anyone in your restaurant can make and approve of Discount codes then your employees can take advantage of it by creating fake discounts and treating their friends or family members. 

2. Cash not adding up

At the end of the day if your sales data and cash data does not tally up then that’s the biggest and easiest sign of employee theft happening at your workplace. 

Cash missing from the register, voiding ordered items, inflating tips or dropping of sales are all signs of checkout thefts that you should pay immediate attention to. 

angry owner because of employee theft in restaurant

3. Unaccounted consumption of inventory 

This is the most common kind of theft that happens to liquor stock at your restaurant but it can also happen to other raw materials as well. 

Supposedly, if you had 30kgs of mangoes in stock for your summer season menu items, in two days the stock depletes to 22kgs while the items ordered by the customers were hardly 4-5 then your inventory getting consumed from the kitchen is getting unaccounted for. Liquor stocks are harder to measure and maintain that is why you need to customize inventory rights for employees and use a solid POS for your restaurant to account for your inventory.

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4. Fake data entries

As a restaurant owner, if you are only relying on reports to figure out your operational details then you might be making a grave mistake. If you don’t have customized reporting rights in your restaurant then your reports can be easily faked. Your employees can easily fake data entries of inventory, sales, set up fake accounts payable, skim cash etc which can give you a very different idea of your restaurant operations which might be way off from the reality. Therefore, you need to customize your reporting rights or not rely on just reports to get a true picture of your business.

restaurant employee theft stealing cash and doing fraud

Employee thefts can significantly add to your cost in a long run and can affect your restaurant’s working environment and sustainability if not taken well care of. Invest in robust restaurant management software that provides 360-degree security and ease of use in order to protect your restaurant’s operations.

Petpooja allows its POS users to customise billing, inventory and reporting rights. You can create different rights for your restaurant’s waiter, biller, captain and manager. Moreover, you can also use the advanced restaurant analytics tool – Petpooja Insights, to make a customizable dashboard to visualize your restaurant’s data the way you want it. Make insightful reports and analysis that are appropriate to your business needs. These features do not just provide security against any kind of employee theft but also smoothens out the operational flow and accountability in the organization. 

Hope this enlightens you to spot any kind of internal theft happening at your restaurant. Here’s a guide on- How To Prevent Employee Thefts In Your Restaurant?

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Fatema Rasiwala
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