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5 Type Of Diners Every Restaurateur Should Know How To Attend

If you pay close attention, a restaurant can be like a Disney movie, with varying characters, each having its own quirks! From the quiet princess to the angry stepmother, you will come across various types of diners when you start a restaurant business.

While these diners can be trouble sometimes, they mostly bring entertainment and enhance the restaurant experience. After all, what is a diner without a person asking to speak to the manager, right? While there are many types of foodies, the staff too, needs to know how to handle every single one of them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of diners you will definitely see at a restaurant.

7 Types Of Diners You Will Come Across In A Restaurant! 

1. The Picky Eaters

These diners can be a real challenge for servers and chefs. They might have a million specific requests for their meal, such as “no onions, no tomato, no dressing, no cheese, but hold the lettuce.” 

They might send back a perfectly baked macaroni because the crust of the cheese is not the right shade of brown. (strictly not speaking from experience)

Most of the time, these diners are children, and to keep them engaged, you can try creating a kids’ menu, keeping toys or games and making your restaurant more kids friendly!

When you hire and train your staff, include a session on dealing with this type of diner to make life easier for your staff.

types of diners in a restaurant
The picky eaters should be dealt with with patience and politeness

2. The Foodies

These are the Joeys of the restaurant world. (the famous “Joey doesn’t share food”) They are enthusiastic about food and eager to try new things. They might order the most exotic dish on the menu or ask the server for recommendations on the chef’s specialities.

Foodies are often adventurous and open-minded, and they can be a lot of fun to dine with. For every new menu update or menu launch, these are the diners you should invite for menu tasting!

3. The Chatty Cathy 

Some diners just love to talk, and they might not realize how much they monopolise the conversation. For them, the restaurant experience is incomplete without a detailed conversation with the manager about their daily life. 

Get a group of such enthusiastic foodies, and it might create a little chaos in your restaurant. Most importantly it is possible that your staff can have a hard time handling them all. To smoothen customer service, you can give Petpooja’s Waiter Calling System a shot! The device has three buttons to simply call for the waiter, water and bill when needed! Click here to learn more!

4. The Food Bloggers

Once your restaurant menu becomes a hit, it is highly likely that you will be catering to food bloggers and influencers. Food bloggers and influencers have become super popular thanks to Instagram. And them coming into your restaurant can either be a blessing or a mistake.

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These influencers will need to be won over by the food you serve and your staff’s service. If good, then your restaurant will become a ‘trendy place in town’, and if not, then get ready for bad reviews!

5. The Complainers

Bad reviews bring us to our next type of diners, the complainers.

Unfortunately, there will always be some diners who just can’t be pleased. They might complain about the food, the service, the atmosphere, or just about anything else. 

It’s important to listen to their concerns and do your best to address them, but it’s also okay to set boundaries and not let their negative reviews demoralize you.

10 Rules to Managing an Angry Customer
Complainers will always have a problem with something or the other. Be patient while dealing with them

How To Enhance Restaurant Experience For A Customer?

Every character is different but what remains constant is the level of service you provide at your restaurant. The bottom line is that all types of diners are your customers and should be treated equally.

Here are some tips to help you deal with every type of diner and enhance their restaurant experience:

  • Train your staff well: From etiquette to customer service, it is important for the management to train all their staff as per the culture of the restaurant so they are aware of the expectations of the customer.
  • Try to decrease the customer wait time: Whether it is the picky eater or plate cleaner, no one likes to wait when hungry. You can get an effective POS system to help you manage tables and customer orders more efficiently to reduce the waiting time.
  • Maintain a pleasant ambience: The one thing millennials got completely right is the importance of vibes. If your restaurant has a good ambience, it is likely to uplift your customer’s mood, no matter which type of diner he/she is. 

Wondering how to maintain a good ambience using great music? Click here to learn more!

how to enhance customer experience at a restaurant
A smile goes a long way in enhancing the experience of your customers

The restaurant industry is a challenging but fun place to be in. You witness people in their different colours and learn a lot about human behaviour. Spot these types of diners and see how many you come across.

If you have come across a unique diner in your restaurant, follow us on Instagram and let us know about them! 

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