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12 Different Types Of Beer Glasses You Must Know About

What comes to mind when you think about a drink to unwind after a long day or going out with friends for a casual night out? Beer! Beer is a drink for every and any occasion. It tastes even better when served when cold. Talking about serving, if you are into the bar industry or are aspiring to open one someday, then this is a blog just for you.

As a bar owner, one of the key aspects you would need to pay attention to is the cutlery and the glasses you use. To help you with that, this blog is to inform you about the different types of Beer Glasses and when to use them. To enjoy a beverage completely, engaging your sense of sight and smell play a prominent role. The bubbles and foam with a strong aroma add to that perfect customer experience. So when you make a list of equipment to get for your brewery or bar, you will need to pay careful attention to the type of beer glasses you want to have.

There are multiple types of beer glasses and the one you choose can make all the difference. Capturing the aroma, escaping the frothy head and releasing carbonation at the perfect rate can do wonders for the way you consume your drink. The type of beer glass you use elates these experiences.

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List of Beer Glasses for your Brewery

1. Pint Glasses

Pint glasses are one of the most popular and used types of beer glasses. It is generally the top choice for restaurants and bars. The two most popular pint glasses are American and English. 

American pint glasses hold 16 ounces and are tapered with straight sides that create a cylindrical glass which is wide at the base and narrow at the top, while English pint glass holds 20 ounces and is similar in design. The only other difference between the two is that the English counterpart has a pronounced lip at the top. 

2. Mugs

When you think about drinking beer in a special vessel, this is most likely the beer glass that comes to your mind. It has thick glass with a handle that makes it easier to maintain a firm grip and enjoy the drink. The thick glass and handle on the glass also help the temperature of the drink to remain cold as the warmth of your hand doesn’t affect the beer’s temperature. These beer glasses are best suited for American ales and lagers, Scottish ales, and Irish dry scouts.

3. Pilsners

Pilsner beer glasses, as the name suggests, are primarily designed for pilsners. They are tall, slender and tapered glasses. They usually hold 10 to 16 ounces, which is less than most other beer glasses. These glasses are also suitable for lighter beers.

4. Goblets

Goblets are one of the most extravagant ways of enjoying a beer and have a medieval flair to them. It has a wide mouth, large body and stem. The shape of the goblet allows the drinker to take long sips and analyze the aroma and flavour of the drink.

5. Tulips

A tulip glass has a tulip-shaped bowl with a small stem and a footer below. The large glass bowl of these beer glasses makes for an enjoyable aroma release. These glasses are mostly suited for stronger, aromatic brews.

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6. Weizen

Weizen glasses are tall and have a slightly wide mouth with a narrow bottom. The wider mouth perfectly captures the beer’s aroma, while the narrow bottom traps the sediment found in wheat or Weizen beers. Weizen beer is a top-fermented beer which is brewed with a large proportion of wheat.

7. Snifters

Snifter glasses have a large bowl sitting on the foot of a stem. The large size of the glass makes it easy to swirl the drink and enjoy its aroma. Swirling the drink entices volatiles to release the aroma. These are best suited for higher alcohol content beers.

8. Stange Glasses

Stange or rye glasses are tall and slender in shape. These glasses intensify the flavour of the beer and preserve the bubbles. Rye glasses are generally recommended for light beers. They intensify the drink’s concentration and minimize fizz loss. Although they have a 6.5-ounce capacity, they can be found in larger sizes.

9. Flutes

Flutes are generally used for champagnes, however, they are perfect for certain types of beer as well. The long, narrow shape highlights carbonation while allowing for a strong aroma to escape. They are most suited for fruit beers, krieks and Belgian lambics.

10. Ale

Ale glasses, also known as nonic pint glasses resemble American pint glasses. The point of difference between the two is that the ale has a small bulge about two inches below the mouth. This curvature protects the rim and provides a firmer grip over the glass.

11. Samplers

Sampler or tasting glasses come in all shapes and sizes. They generally hold 2.5 to 6 ounces and allow you to sample a variety of beers in one go. Tasters are commonly found during brewery tours and pubs. They are handy for sampling a couple of beers at your local pub without ordering the full pint.

12. IPA

IPA glasses resemble an elongated goblet with a series of ridges towards the base. These are ideal for aerating hoppy varieties as they wave-like ridges towards the borrow aerate the beer with each sip. They generally have a capacity of 19 ounces.

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