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Top 5 Food Business Ideas With Low Investment In India 

The food business never goes out of style. It’s a forever evolving and growing sector in India and the world. Owning a restaurant is exciting, challenging, and fun but also not for the faint-hearted. A restaurant’s success is dictated by the market, location, as well as economic factors.

Before you actually start working on your food business ideas, make sure you have a clear objective or USP of your business and thorough knowledge of food licenses and laws.

Are you looking to open your own restaurant but are a little short on capital?
Well, don’t worry. We bring to you the best possible options.

Here Are A Few Food Business Ideas To Kick-start Your Dreams With Low Investment Requirements

1. Bakery

A cosy and aesthetically pleasing ambience that serves coffee & some sweet baked items will always be loved in this world. 

A bakery business is an extremely safe business that you can start in 2022. A limited yet special menu with a regular introduction of new items would be a great place to hang out with your friends, unwind after a long day of work and meet new people. 

People nowadays are all about supporting local and small businesses. You can also try to get corporate tie-ups where you get a chance to supply your goods on a large scale at their events or as per their needs it will earn you enough returns to go on. 

Once, you meet your goals and have enough capital you can convert the bakery into a cafe or restaurant or even open other branches in different locations. Don’t forget to invest in good bakery management software in order to simplify your processes and track your data.

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Licenses required for opening a Bakery:

2. Fire and Health Trade License
3. Shop and Establishment Act License
4. Eating Out License

low investment business idea in india- bakery business

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2. Food Truck

Food trucks or Mobile Food-Vans have gained immense popularity as they are low in cost and give maximum flexibility to be anywhere. They generally serve fast food or some kind of speciality food that can be eaten on the go or easily parcelled. The key to finding success with your food truck business is to be on a busy street or area that has large footfall and to maintain the quality and hygiene of the food being served.

Licenses required for operating a Food Truck:

1. FSSAI mobile vendor’s License
2. Fire License
3. Eating out license
4. NOC from RTO
5. NOC from Municipal Corporation
6. Kitchen Insurance

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3. A Speciality Shop

A Speciality shop is a very niche market. It’s is a shop that has very limited food items but is exclusive and of high quality. A small investment will be required towards opening a speciality food shop as you will require a little aesthetically decorated space to open this shop. You can sell anything special such as:

  • Farshaan (home-made salted snacks)
  • Organic fruits/vegetables/products
  • Imported ingredients for cooking
  • Home-made products
  • Gourmet snacks
  • Jam and sauces
  • Spices
  • Sweets
  • Pickle and Papad
    And much more… 

When you open a speciality store always remember that the area or city you choose doesn’t have a huge supply of your products already. It has to be something that people are looking for and is generally difficult or rare to find. 

For example, A speciality shop for Kesar and other kinds of mangoes and related products from Gujarat in Delhi, India

low capital food business idea of restaurants by Petpooja

4. Catering Business

If you are someone with good cooking and management skills you can set up your own catering business as well. In a catering business, you do not require a specific place, kitchen or shop, you can cook in your own kitchen based on orders you receive and get it delivered to the venue by either hiring a driver/delivery person or even yourself.

Invest in branding your business on social media and focus on collaborations with influencers to gain popularity and get orders placed for small parties, get-togethers, corporate events and any such other celebrations. The payment cycle in the catering business is upfront and it requires very little investment. 

5. Cloud Kitchen 

There’s an exponential growth in online orders in the restaurant industry which has resulted in a booming cloud kitchen business. 

Cloud Kitchens a.k.a ghost kitchens are basically a delivery-only restaurant business model. They don’t offer an option of dine-in and they cater to their customers solely through online delivery. Cloud Kitchens infrastructure basically includes a kitchen set-up and tie-up with various food delivery applications.

A cloud kitchen can actually be a great place to start as it requires low investments and gives you the flexibility to cut out on costs wherever possible. Once, you serve sufficient orders you can grow your business by either establishing multiple cloud kitchen brands or by opening a dine-in place.

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Licenses required for opening a Cloud Kitchen:

2. Fire and Health Trade License
3. Shop and Establishment Act License

best cloud kitchen in india in 2022

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There are plenty of ways to get the seed money to start, all you need is great food business ideas and dedication.  

Hope this helps you in fueling your dream business. Even if you have dreamed of opening fine dining it’s great that you start small and work your way up. Re-invest the profits into the business to grow further.

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