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Tools to turn your restaurant’s regular Social Media into an extraordinary one!

Social Media Marketing Tools

Being a restaurant just doesn’t mean you cook fantastic food anymore.

Sure, the mixture of spices and smell of herbs brought in the customers in olden times, but today along with the kitchen, social media has become an important room to make it work!

Running along with the trend of social media is like sitting on a Horse and hoping it will guide itself, which we all know will end up you falling off and the Horse being somewhere it shouldn’t be, metaphorically.

Let me share some tips and tools with you to help you understand your audience better!

Basics go like this :

Post consistently and with a goal in mind.

  • 75% of people purchased a product because they saw it on social media.

Stories! Stories! Stories! They should be at least thrice the number of your posts.

  • 68% of consumers are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if they are assured, they will have a better experience.

Interactions, comments + replies, + DMs are the holy trinity.

  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Now, when it comes to controlling your Horse, you need to understand how your audience reacts to your content. For that, you cannot just depend on the number of likes and comments.

Let me share some tips and tools with you to help you understand your audience better!


Brand 24

Having a bird’s eye view on your social media is something of utmost importance. Brand24 gives you an extensive report about your brand on the web.

Brand24 empowers its users to stay updated on what’s being said about their businesses online, get customer insights, engage communities, identify sales leads, improve social customer service, reach out to influencers and monitor their competition. Tiny little details like the number mentioned across the web to Restaurant marketing.

It’s a one-man army of a tool to boost your Restaurant growth.



Insights and directions are at the back of Pretty front, which is Instagram. Check out this if you’re not too sure how that works. Sometimes clicking beautiful pictures are not enough. You need to add a flare to these images. Canva will work like a charm for that!

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An easy to use tool power-packed with essentials to make your restaurant’s page look pretty!


Wait, this doesn’t sound like a tool? When you use emojis in your extended captions, it has a high user retention rate and more visibility. Now, if you suck at picking emojis, we have something just right for you. Emojify will add emojis to your caption in just a few clicks!

No hassle, just solutions.



When you want to create a brand around your restaurant, you need to gather as much content as possible! TINT has a unique social media approach; It will gather all the user-generated content and marketing efforts around your brand into one visualization.

Through visualization, your customers or potential customers can see what other customers are saying about your restaurant, pulling from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Hootsuite helps businesses not only schedule regular content on a wide variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but also to grow their audiences by assessing trends and user engagements.

Users can monitor social media platforms for both keywords and locations, meaning that restaurants can pick up on what customers are already saying about them and target potential customers looking for recommendations in the same geographical area.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? These are the organic methods in which you can beautify your social media and also increase interaction. With these tools’ help, you will easily guide the Horse that your social media can become Restaurant branding’s right direction!

There are multiple paid channels too that exist but that is for the next blog!

At Petpooja we always wish to help you grow in your restaurant business. Do try the tools above and write to us on shivani.dad@petpooja.com if you found these helpful!

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