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Tips On Upgrading Your Food Delivery Packaging

The food delivery verticle of the restaurant industry has seen a boom with the entry of multiple third-party aggregators and the Cloud kitchen. Pandemic, despite its disastrous impact on the industry, has witnessed the rise of online ordering. People are now getting acquainted with this concept and the technology associated with it. According to multiple studies, the online delivery business is predicted to be worth approx $22 billion by 2026.

Seeing it as a branding opportunity for their businesses, more and more restaurant owners have started being innovative with their food delivery packaging. They want to leave a lasting impression on the customers. Along with the aim to retain them and win customer loyalty, the restaurants have now switched their strategy and are making their packaging multi-purpose.

Ways To Improve Your Food Delivery Packaging

The days of the simple disposable containers are gone. Many restaurants might think of investing money in quality packaging material as a waste of money. But if you change the perspective and think of your packaging material as an extension of your brand that customers take home, then you might not think the same. Investing in quality food delivery packaging material has become a new restaurant trend. If you too are planning on switching up your food-delivery-packaging game, then keep reading!

1. Minimalist Packaging

If you are a small restaurant owner who does not wish to invest heavily in the packaging but still wishes to take advantage of branding, then this might be the one option for you. It is an opportunity missed if you are not putting your logos on your packaging material. Just putting or printing your brand logo or adding a personalized touch can leave an impact on the customer. This portrays your restaurant to have a customer-oriented approach.

2. Reusable Packaging

More and more young restaurant owners are now opting to run their businesses more sustainably. This means less inventory hoarding, attention to waste management, optimal utilization of resources and adaptation of reusable food packaging material. They are choosing much more sturdy material which the customer can use later. They are paying attention to the quality of packaging material by making it microwave-friendly, leak-proof and easy to store.

Food Packed in a reusable container | Reusable food packaging is the new trend.

3. Personalised Packaging

Giving a personalised experience helps generate customer loyalty. But it requires more investment. These kinds of packaging have personalised hand-written or printed notes and cards sent along with the food delivery. Personalised packaging is very common in cafes and bakeries where it is comparatively easier to customise the experience as per the customers’ demands.

4. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging has become a global movement despite whatever the business or industry. This initiative has been promoted to regulate a large amount of pollution and carbon footprints. The non-degradable plastic is being replaced by degradable paper containers, cloth bags and recycled products. To promote this initiative, even governments are providing subsidies on such kinds of packaging material.

5. Plant-able Packaging

This is a very recent trend in food delivery packaging. Such packaging is made of biodegradable compounds which leave no carbon footprint and don’t cause pollution. Along with that, these packaging items have sheets of seeds or a single seed inside the packaging. So once the customer is done with the packaging, they can simply put it inside an earthen pot and water it. The biodegradable packaging would dissolve with the water and a small sapling would eventually grow from seed.

Plant-able packaging is the new food packaging trend.

6. Quirky Packaging

If you are a restaurant owner with a creative bug inside you, then such packagings are a place to display it! Using popping colours, eccentric prints and unique packaging hacks engages the customers and hence increases the sales. More and more small and large chains of restaurants are coming up with unique ways of amusing their customers. Along with keeping it unique, they are also trying to make their packaging as convenient as possible!

Unique packaging is a great way of marketing.

In conclusion, what your packaging looks like and how you are adding value to your customer’s experience, help market your restaurant just as much as any other way of marketing. Hope this blog for helpful. For more restaurant industry-related updates, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram!

Ishika Tripathi
Ishika Tripathi
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