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Tips On How To Make Your Restaurant Kids-Friendly

Restaurateurs know that almost every customer does brief market research before selecting a restaurant. And just like customers, restaurants too, do thorough market research to select their target audience. This helps them plan their business trajectory and service model. Understanding the target audience further helps in the restaurant owners in finalizing the menu, selecting restaurant location, setting up the ambience theme, marketing methods and offers, etc.

The aim of all this research is to build a service that satisfies the customers and wins their loyalty! For example, a bar or a pub knows that putting baked items on the menu would not help sales or attract customers.  

For a family restaurant, there are many aspects that need to be covered to provide an all-inclusive and quality service to the entire family. This includes little children and toddlers too. It helps the family to relax and enjoy the restaurant services when they know that their little ones are comfortable and enjoying their time. But understanding the demands and needs of the small audience (pun intended!) can be a bit hard. Especially given their curious drive and an amazing sense of wonder for everything. So, here are some

Important tips on how to make your Restaurant kids-friendly!

1. Create a Kid’s Menu

Kids are picky eaters and can be pretty upset when they do not like what is being served to them. At the same time, in most restaurants, menus do not offer kids-friendly options. The easy options most restaurateurs opt for is Maggie or pasta, which is not the solution and neither do healthy conscious parents prefer giving it to their children. So, one way to offer a suitable choice to kids is to serve tasty and healthy food items. While creating this menu all age brackets must be kept in mind. Something that kids aged 3-7 years would prefer, might not be a favourite of kids of 8-11 years old. Adding loads of vegetables to maggie or offering seasonal fruits, finger chips, sandwiches, oats cookies, muffins, smoothies, pancakes, etc. in the menu can be a real game-changer.

Younger kids tend to leave food on their plates. A smart way to cater to kids while reducing the wastage of food is by offering kids size portions on the menu

create kids-friendly menu using petpooja pos

2. Give Them Entertainment

The best way to make any restaurant kids-friendly is by providing ways of keeping them engaged and entertained. These small pockets of powerhouse love to run around and have a great time! Restaurants can do so by providing them with toys, games or playrooms, where kids can enjoy their time in the restaurant. This helps families in having some quality time without worrying much about their children. Alongside entertaining kids, such activities can be used for marketing the restaurant and winning customer loyalty.

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Restaurants can also provide games at tables for the entire family to participate in. Putting inflatable rides in open family restaurants is also a great way to attract customers. Hiring caricature artists, clowns, musicians, balloon or clay artists can create a jolly and fun environment in a restaurant.  

Kids playing games in restaurants.

3. Train Your Staff

The restaurant employees must know how to cater to all kinds of customers including little kids. Training staff to handle children is essential when restaurants host birthday parties or playdates for young kids. The responsibility of creating a child-friendly and warm environment falls on the front-of-the-house staff. They should be trained in managing children, helping them and cleaning after them in case of an accident without disturbing or blaming the child. 

The staff can keep small treats in their pocket to offer fussy kids. Smiling more and having conversational skills to engage kids can make them feel welcomed and comfortable. The staff should be well trained in curating the kids’ menu and giving the best recommendations to the customers. 

train your restaurant staff to improve customer service

4. Have Kids-Friendly Equipment

While having a kids’ menu, entertainment and trained staff are necessary restaurants should not forget the most basic equipment for children. The restaurants should have high chairs at every table, cribs for infants and toddlers, spill-proof cups and glasses, plastic forks and spoons, bibs/ soft wipes and changing tables. All of these things must be kept handy and in good condition. The restaurants can even create a separate dining area for the kids where they can interact with other kids, play and enjoy their favourite meals while being assisted by trained staff. 

kids-friendly restaurants in India

Catering to these young, cheerful and hyperactive customers can be a little difficult. But all of it can be managed with patience, precaution and kindness. While the staff is busy engaging this young bunch, their restaurant management can be assisted by a smart Restaurant POS. The POS helps in creating a kids’ menu online, managing tables and generating KOTs so that the kids get exactly what they ordered on time and more!

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Ishika Tripathi
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