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The secret to attracting more customers

When you visit a restaurant on your birthday and they offer you complimentary desserts, don’t you feel extra special?

We’ve all been there and we love getting pampered on special days. Now imagine if you keep receiving special treatment throughout the year, wouldn’t that be simply amazing?!
That’s how you should make your customers feel.

Rewarding your customer is a sure shot way to gain your customers’ loyalty. It shows that you value the customer and also, rewards tend to make the customers revisit the restaurant more often. It is also a great way to gain new customers and increase traction.

Although rewarding your customers may not seem extremely profitable in the short run, it has plenty of benefits in the long run and will help you in the bigger picture. A study by Manta and BIA/Kelsey, Achieving Big Customer Loyalty in a Small Business World”, states that the loyalty program makes more money than it takes to maintain and 65% of people who use loyalty programs have found the programs to be extremely effective.

There are several rewards you can provide your customer, namely

1. Referral programs

These programs stem from the basic concept of word-of-mouth marketing. When an existing customer refers your services or restaurant to someone new, you reward the existing customer for doing so with a discount or any other offers.

2. Complimentary items

Revisiting customers are your biggest asset and so, you should suitably value them. Offering complimentary items to your frequent customers is a no-brainer tactic. This will make the customer feel special and would tempt them to visit more often.

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3. Offering special discounts

Offering special discounts to loyal customers simply deepens the loyalty and the chances of re-visitations increase. Discounts are an easy way to catch the customer’s attention and increase the number of new customers as well.

4. Loyalty points

Loyalty points are the points that a customer gains after spending a certain amount at your restaurant. These points can then be exchanged for offers, discounts or complimentary items offered by the restaurant.

5. Special social media discounts

Getting people to click and upload pictures from your restaurant and tag your restaurant on social media platform in exchange for a small discount is a great way to increase awareness about your restaurant and in turn possibly gain new customers along with increasing the bond of the existing one. This strategy also helps you build a strong social media presence in the growing digital age.

6. Paying through virtual wallets

Giving discounts or cash back offers while paying through virtual wallets or online modes is an efficient way to gain loyalty as the virtual wallets and the restaurant owners both benefit from it.

7. Order directly from your website

Instead of having to pay commissions to the middle man, be it an app or a website, offering a discount less than the commission percent on your own website, would provide benefits to both the customer and the restaurant owner.

Try out these loyalty reward strategies and make your customers fall in love with your restaurant brand!


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