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The Equipment You Must Have In Your Cafe!

The rising coffee culture in India has made cafes trendy and exciting. People are starting to appreciate good coffee in India. The economical aspect of this culture shift has been that India has a fast-growing middle class with a more disposable income and leisure time. More and more local cafes are coming up to serve this market. The cafe industry in India will escalate 6.9% a year to Rs 4,540 crore by 2023.

If you also plan to start a cafe, you need a checklist to help plan and execute everything flawlessly. One of the things that will take priority is the list of cafe equipment you need for your establishment. Cafe equipment ranges from coffee making machines to safety equipment like fire suppression systems. It can be overwhelming to think about so many items but don’t worry; we have got you covered with a category wise list of cafe equipment.

Coffee cups and other cafe equipments.

List Of Cafe Equipment For Your Cafe

1. Coffee Machines

If coffee is the centre of your business, buying all required coffee-making equipment has to be the focus. You will need a variety of machines to serve your customers a wide range of delicacies, like drip coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee brewers, espresso machines, frappe or smoothie blenders, and ice makers.

2. Food Prep Equipments

While cafes don’t generally serve a full course meal, most cafes serve a tiny variety of food items on their menu. Sandwiches and baked sweets complement a coffee perfectly. So if you plan to offer a breakfast or snacks menu, you need to add ovens, toasters and grilling equipment to your list of cafe equipment. Buy a commercial convention or combination convection oven based on your baking needs, which can fit in your cafe’s kitchen. 

Other food prep equipment includes knives, cutting boards, pots, pans, mixing bowls, food processors and mixers.

3. Ventilation System

Lack of ventilation in your kitchen can create hazardous working conditions for you and your employees. It is crucial to install a proper commercial ventilation system in your kitchen to remove irritants in the air and contribute to temperature control. Consider the kitchen size and space while buying the system to ensure it has enough power to keep the smoke and hot air out while you or your employees work in the kitchen.

4. Storage and Refrigeration

You will require considerable refrigeration space to hold gallons of milk you need for coffee drinks and all other food ingredients and components. You will need freezers in two places, behind the counter and where inventory is stored. Frozen food items are kept in the front for easy access and display. 

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Like other cafe equipment, refrigerators are a long term investment if properly cleaned and repaired. While for back refrigeration, some cafes operate with multiple large commercial coolers, while some have a space with a walk-in cooler. It would be nice to buy something that suits your aesthetics for these refrigerators.

Other essential storage items for your cafe equipment list include shelving, boxes and crates. Boxes and containers come in handy for storing beans and inventory. Designing a proper organizing system is a must in running your cafe successfully.

Cafe staff making coffee - cafe equipment.

5. Safety Equipment

All restaurants and cafes need to ensure high levels of safety for their employees and customers. Safety equipment in your cafe includes gloves, aprons, a first-aid kit, a fire suppression system, and non-slip mats

6. Service Wares and Utensils

Another essential addition to your list of cafe equipment is dishes and flatwares required to serve your customers what you offer. Cups, mugs, plates, trays, cutlery, and other required utensils make the list of the service ware equipment you need. It is recommended to select service wares that match the theme and aesthetic of your cafe. Your service ware adds to the overall customer experience and creates an impression in their minds.

7. Consumable and Disposable Goods

To serve your customers well, you will also need consumable and disposable goods like napkins, straws, paper towels, insulated paper cups, and lids. Custom coffee sleeves are another exciting addition to your list; they can reduce costs by eliminating the need to double cup hot dishes. Take out cup carriers are another innovative product to invest in. These carriers make carrying multiple disposable drinks easier.

8. POS system

A POS system is critical for restaurants and cafes in today’s day and age. They help you gather valuable customer insights, simplify your billing process, keep track of your inventory and improve your efficiency and profitability. When you have software for taking care of your business needs smoothly, you can relax and focus on growing your brand.

Coffee pouring from a coffee machine - cafe equipment.

Starting a cafe can be challenging. Creating an exhaustive checklist to take care of different needs can help you conduct your affairs competently. We hope you find this blog helpful in making a list of equipment for your cafe. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram!

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