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The CHOICE of Success!

Choice Snacks Bar - Case study

The journey of CHOICE, a 40 year old family-run business started in 1979, from Swastik cross roads in Ahmedabad. Passionate about all things food, Dhnanis started with fast food like bhakri pizza, sandwiches, french fries, bhel and sevpuri, which soon became the hot favourites of the city. Today they have 9 outlets spread across Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mumbai and one in the USA.

We spoke to Mr Sheel, the owner, to find out how Choice came to choose Petpooja as their Point of Sale (PoS) Solution provider, and how it has helped their business grow.

In coversation with Mr. Sheel Dhnani (owner of Choice Snacks Bar)

Being from the IT background, Mr Sheel is a firm believer in technological advancements and enablement. He thinks that by using an efficient Restaurant POS system everyone in the restaurant industry can benefit and grow. He got Petpooja’s POS 11 years ago,  when majority of restaurants used traditional medium of taking orders; on a piece of paper and then communicating the order to the kitchen. Back in 2010, this concept was relatively new in the Indian restaurant industry.

Choice Snack Bar

At choice we have always valued innovation and quality more than anything. Even today, one family member tastes each of the items on the menu before the restaurant opens for the purpose of quality control and consistency.

-Mr. Sheel Dhnani

Challenges faced

Managing clients during rush hours has been a significant issue in the QSR (Quick service restaurant) Industry. Choice Snacks Bar needed a dependable POS solution that could provide their staff the tools they needed to increase sales, customer satisfaction levels, and pace of service.

We used to be on a manual system, and with that our biggest pain points were human error, lack of flexibility, and loss of time.”– Sheel Dhnani

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Mr Shill explains that before implementing POS system, they spent hours each day gathering data and compiling reports.This task required a significant amount of manpower. Because the majority of their servers were in their forties and fifties, they needed a POS that was simple to understand and use by people of all ages.

Game changer

After implementation and seeing the POS software in action, it seemed like the entire business was simplified.

  • Simplified Operations

    When a restaurant has multiple outlets, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is going on at the same time. Most traditional point-of-sale systems don’t allow for easy or immediate remote access, making real-time monitoring of business KPIs practically impossible.

    With Petpooja you don’t need to open 10 reports to know how your restaurant is doing. You get the real-time, complete picture at a single glance!

I think we have been able to save considerable manpower and time especially with integration with the third party apps and in delivery 5 to 7 minutes can mean a lot.”

  • From Kitchen Confusion to Confidence

With Petpooja, orders go straight from the POS to the kitchen. Dhnanis cites tremendous efficiencies since adoption of the new technology. After implementing Petpooja’s POS, our cost is decreased by 20%.

We don’t have to walk over with notepad, which cuts chaotic foot traffic in the kitchen. We’ve reduced errors, improved order accuracy and cut food waste—all white cutting our prep time dramatically. And, our new employees are up and running in no time. This is the first system I’ve ever seen that is so simple to use that anybody can do it.

Mr. Sheel Dhnani
  • All Systems Go

Because there is a limited amount of time set aside for staff training in a fast-paced work environment like Choice Snacks Bar, an easy POS system like Petpooja was required to shorten the time required to train personnel on the new software.

Mr. Sheel explains, “I want staff to be able to pick it up on their own,” and with Petpooja, all I have to do is give new staff a quick rundown. You can have them up and running in about an hour if they’re familiar with smartphones and tablets, which most people are these days.

The Bottom line

Choice Snack Bar’s great staff, quality of service, and world-class food are all critical to the it’s success, but Mr. Sheel is quick to credit progressive technology from Petpooja as an important element of the Choice experience.

Dhnani’s satisfaction with the system goes far beyond just the novelty factor. The numbers speak for themselves in terms of cost reduction. Within the first few years, overall cost reduced by 15-20% and they were able to operate more efficiently.

Mr. Sheel explains, ” After all, you want all transactions to be easy for customers while also making things as simple as possible for your servers and business.

Petpooja’s POS solution allows us to focus on the bigger picture now.”

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