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5 Tips For Creating A Special Menu To Boost Restaurant Sales

What do you think when you hear the words ‘special menu’? 

You are curious too, aren’t you? You want to know what exactly it is that makes the menu special. Moreover, you are sure of it that since it is specially curated, the restaurant would have put in more effort to make it perfect-tasting!

This is exactly what you as a restaurant owner need to do to boost your restaurant sales.

Special menus are created to bring a change to the mundane, routine food available at the restaurant. There is only so much you can do to attract customers with consistency. At some point, they will demand variations in the food in exchange for their loyalty.

This is where you can insert special menus. Although they require a lot of brainstorming and effort, the end result is worth it all since you will be gaining new customers as well as retaining all your old ones.

Here Are 5 Tips To Boost Restaurant Sales By Creating Special Menu

1. Celebrate Special Days

Universally, every day, some or other day is celebrated. It may be burger day or Women’s Day or even chef’s day! Use this to your advantage.

Curate special menus for meals to celebrate the special day.

For instance, make a menu which celebrates the relationship between mothers and children for Mother’s Day. 

Or, curate menus with aphrodisiac ingredients for Valentine’s Day to attract couples’ footfall in your restaurant.

how to make profitable special menu at your restaurant

2. Spice Up Your Menu with Different Cuisines

This applies to all restaurants irrespective of whether you run a multi-cuisine or a cafe or a fast food restaurant. You can introduce a specially designed menu with items which you do not offer on a daily basis.

You can have specials on weekends or offer menu items that are not there on your existing menu. This is a great way to attract new as well as regular customers.

Along with the menu, you can add a little extra something to the decor too. Maybe do a candlelight dinner or add live music to go with the theme of the special menu.

how to curate special menu at your restaurant

3. Invite Celebrity Chefs

This is proven to be a successful way to pocket some extra money once in a while. 

These days, people watch a lot of Masterchef and follow food influencers on social media. You can take this in your stride and invite such chefs over to cook food in your restaurant.

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You can charge a little extra for featuring a celebrity chef as well as for curating an exclusive, special menu. 

This is also a good way to market your restaurant. Associating your brand with a celebrity chef will increase your standing in the industry and instil faith in customers about your ingenuity.

how to work with celebrity chefs at your restaurant

4. Introduce Seasonal Ingredients Based Menu

A special menu based on seasonal ingredients is a very popular marketing technique that restaurants use. 

You must have heard of fests being held in different seasons. Like in monsoon, corn festivals are held wherein all the items on the special menu are cooked with corn. 

Many bakeries operate just on the basis of the availability of ingredients seasonally. They smartly utilise this to market their products as being prepared with only fresh ingredients and not stored raw materials. 

special ingredients for menu in your restaurant

5. Host A Cookable Menu

This is a twist in the normal operations of your restaurant. However, if space is not a constraint for you or if you can arrange for the equipment and ingredients, you can host a cook-and-eat-your-own-meal fest!

Include items in the special menu which can be cooked easily by the customers, not make much of a mess, have easily available, cheaper ingredients and isn’t a burden on your pockets.

Friends, families and couples are always looking for activities to do together and it is a big bonus if it includes food!

For instance, you can have a bake-and-eat-your-own-pizza night, host a bonding afternoon for friends who enjoy making and sipping coffee together and much more.

DIY food at restaurant cook-and-eat-your-own-meal fest

Special menus are beneficial in many ways to a restaurant. With a little trouble, you will be able to enhance your customers’ experience and give them a sneak peek of what the restaurant is capable of! 

Oftentimes, if your special menus are delicious and successful, customers will demand you hold them over and over again which will be a good way to mint some profits!

However, a word of caution for the unversed, host special menus only if your customers are happy with the regular, routine menu that you serve. There is a major chance you will hugely crash and fail if customers don’t like the common food from the menu and then you curate special menus. It will work against you since they will be hesitant to taste new food when they’re unhappy with the one that you already offer.

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